CHAZ is Not a Protest: It’s a Marxist Insurrection

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  • 09/19/2023

By Daniel Bobinski

“Lawfully gathering and expressing First Amendment rights, demanding we do better as a society, and providing true equity for communities of color is not terrorism. It’s patriotism.” This statement is true. Unfortunately, these words were erroneously used by Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan in describing the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in Seattle.

The term “patriot” means a person who supports his or her country and is prepared to defend it against all enemies and detractors. CHAZ inhabitants are certainly not American patriots. They harass people who carry American flags – and even confiscate the flags, they don’t hold elections, and their “welcome” sign says, “You are now leaving the USA.”

Perhaps you’ve heard the CHAZ occupants’ demands. They want to abolish the police, they want to abolish prison, they want to abolish all immigration enforcement operations. Their list has over 30 demands.

It is easy to follow along with the news and see disruption after disruption in our country. But there’s always a bigger picture, and over the past few years, that picture has become rather clear:

We are not dealing with merely protests and riots.
We are dealing with a Marxist insurrection.

To back up this claim, I refer you to a 1917 paper written by Vladimir Lenin. The paper, titled Marxism and Insurrection, is easily found on multiple websites promoting Marxism and socialism.

In the paper, Lenin provides what is essentially a playbook for how Marxist insurrections can be achieved. He outlines different facets and societal conditions that must come together for such an insurrection to be successful – and also what can make an insurrection unsuccessful.

Lenin started by emphasizing the need for relentless attacks on “the enemy” (capitalist society). He referred to the teachings of Marx, saying, "[Y]ou must win the first success and then proceed from success to success, never ceasing the offensive against the enemy, taking advantage of his confusion.”

Present Day Comparison, Part 1:

It’s not hard to recognize the never-ceasing attacks on Donald Trump and his administration since he won the Presidency in 2016:

  • Russia collusion hoax
  • Baseless claims that Trump is another Hitler
  • Attack on General Flynn
  • Attacks on Trump campaign workers
  • Manufactured hoax on Justice Kavanaugh’s background
  • Ukraine scandal hoax, leading to an impeachment trial
  • Overkill on the Covid-19 pandemic, destroying Trump’s economic successes
  • Race riots; lies about systemic racism

To even a casual observer, Marxists have been working tirelessly to wear down American resolve, but it wasn’t until the Covid lockdowns that they gained any traction against the President’s accomplishments.

In 1917, Lenin outlined three basic steps for taking political control in Russia.

  1. An “advanced class,” or vanguard, must set the tone
  2. There must be a revolutionary upsurge of the people
  3. The turning point occurs when the “enemy” and fence-sitters are weak and the “friends of the revolution” are strong

Lenin then explained how conditions emerged so he could achieve the third point of his takeover plan.

  • Vacillation existed in the socio-political structure
  • A majority of the population rallied behind a group with “victim” status
  • Solutions offered by status quo leadership were rejected
  • A declaration was made by the Marxists to reject the established authority structure

To better understand the observations described in Lenin’s paper, it helps to review the events of 1917. There was political upheaval in Russia, and various factions were vying for power. Lenin knew that an upsurge from the working class wasn’t going to cut it by itself.

He needed to see vacillation in both the country’s leadership and in the general population, as well as broad support for a victim group. When all that fell into place, Lenin made his move.

Present Day Comparison, Part 2:

It’s not hard to see we have an “advanced class / vanguard” pushing for Marxist policies in America today. The most prominent names are Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, but with them are thousands of other Deep State players. You can count dozens of governors and mayors in their ranks, as well as Marxist adherents within our Federal agencies.

To back them up are Marxist advocates dwelling in the legacy media. Their propaganda machine runs 24/7, with names like Maddow, Cuomo, Lemon, Todd, and Acosta pining for hammer & sickle lapel pins as they attack and insult anyone who knows how to properly use the words “patriot” or “conservative.”

As for Lenin’s second point, a revolutionary upsurge of the people, take a glance at CHAZ and also the riots occurring over the deaths of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks. People who watch only the legacy media may believe these are organic uprisings, but such belief is misguided. When one visits the websites of the groups behind these riots and reads their demands, almost everything you see aligns with Marxist thought.

Notice you don’t see anyone in the Advanced Class / vanguard group telling rioters to knock it off. That’s because they’re on the same team, working to achieve the same goals. The Advanced Class even makes excuses for the rioters, going so far as to call them, “patriotic.”

Marxists are also doing their damnedest to create the conditions for Lenin’s third point to emerge: A weakened “enemy” with weak “fence-sitters.”

Their efforts here are already making headway. For example, some conservatives that haven't recognized the lies of Deep State players in the medical establishment have bought into the need for “social distancing” and mask-wearing.

We’ve even seen a rise in the number of “fence-sitters,” those people not knowing which story to believe from a CDC and a World Health Organization that changes their tune weekly.

Fear is a powerful motivator, and Marxists are having no small laugh as disagreements on these issues break out in conservative circles (vacillation in social-political structures).

Of course, we are also seeing a phenomenally huge push to rally behind a group with “victim” status. It’s hard to find a major corporation that hasn’t issued a statement of solidarity and poured untold millions into groups that proport a social justice message in their name, but are actually fighting for Marxist principles.

Even sports team owners and coaches are seemingly unable to see past the surface of this sham, afraid they’ll be made pariahs if they don’t play along.

Lenin wrote he needed the majority of the population to rally behind a group with “victim” status. It’s clear this has definitely occurred.

What Comes Next?

Hopefully it’s clear by now that Marxists in 2020 are employing Lenin’s methods from 1917. We need only continue reading Marx and Lenin to see what comes next.

Marx wrote that the “oppressed” classes needed to feel oppressed or they wouldn’t fight. It’s why Marx said religion was “the opium of the masses.” It prevented people from seeing class structure and oppression. Today, many “opium” sources exist. An article in The Economist points out that today’s “opium” includes sports and celebrities.

Not so coincidentally, a propped-up fear of Covid has led to cancellations of sporting events and movie/TV production. Even state fairs and 4th of July celebrations have been cancelled, and bars and restaurants are restricted to allow only 25% of capacity.

Marxists don't want people to have their opium. They want people to fight.

And have you noticed that identity politics has created myriad “oppressed” groups today? Complementing that, legacy media has done a wonderful job convincing people that oppressed groups are everywhere.

We must also see that any solution suggested for any crisis is instantly rejected by the “Advanced Class” and vanguard group. If the Trump administration says “X,” Marxists say “Z.” If Trump’s team says, “Z”, Marxists say “X.”

As one example, did you notice when Trump talked about Hydroxychloroquine, the global medical establishment cranked out articles and (false) studies about how dangerous the drug was? Even after 65 years of its proven, safe use?

Anyone who doesn’t see the constant automatic rejection of offered solutions is blind. And, because this technique is part of Lenin’s play book, we should expect to see this behavior continue.

But most disconcerting is Lenin’s playbook for what we might see in the fall.

Lenin’s final push to usher in Marxism was to draw up a declaration stating that the time for talking was over. He would push for a complete break with the existing government and demand its removal. He would give lip service to peace and equality for all, and, having the backing of the oppressed and riled-up victim groups, he would mobilize armed workers to take over the means of production and all communication centers.

Accordingly, with Marxists today using Lenin’s writings as a playbook, we can expect continued war-like conditions in America all summer, up until election day. If you doubt this, consider MSNBC’s Chuck Todd’s recent question to a New York Times Magazine contributor: "Will we be able to keep racial tension at a fever pitch until the election?"

Regretfully, momentum right now is with the Marxists. If that momentum continues, it won’t matter what happens on election day. Instead of a calming of the waters, post-election America will likely see a 2020 version of Lenin’s “final push.”

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Daniel Bobinski, M.Ed. is a certified behavioral analyst, best-selling author, columnist, corporate trainer, and keynote speaker. He’s also a veteran and a self-described Christian Libertarian who believes in the principles of free market capitalism – while standing firmly against crony capitalism.

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