It’s Not Your Imagination: The Democrat Party Really IS Failing

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  • 09/19/2023

Sometimes you do have to believe your lying eyes.

Top Democratic politicians in the blue states across America decided to follow up their politicizing a world-wide CCP Virus pandemic by grossly politicizing nationwide rioting and looting following the death of George Floyd while he was in the custody of the Minneapolis police.

The Democrats relentless single-minded quest to destroy this President has proven to be their undoing. Not everyone who lives in a deep blue state is a Commie-flag waving Marxist radical. Many citizens who have watched this unfolding insanity over the past several months with mounting horror are waking up to the fact that the wrong people are in charge of their city and state and just how much that matters.

Once it became clear the nationwide insurrection wasn’t going to achieve the hoped-for results, and things had calmed down, suddenly “Defund the Police” became the Progressive Left’s national rallying cry.

With stunning speed, the Leftists running some of the deepest blue cities sprang into action.  The Minneapolis City Council voted 8-3 to defund and dismantle that city’s police department.

Despite having belabored for years to prove how “woke” he is, Minneapolis’ mayor Jacob Frey was forced to endure a walk of shame as he left a demonstration after having admitted he does not favor defunding the city’s police department.

Certain denizens of the Left are now attempting to belatedly walk back the slogan, insisting “Defund The Police” needs to be “interpreted” correctly.

Presidential candidate and longtime corruptocrat Joe Biden emerged from his basement to state he didn’t favor defunding police departments.

Biden is attempting to walk a fine line here between not scaring away any moderates who remain in the Democratic Party while at the same time not alienating the most vocal and active part of the Democratic base, the radical Leftists.  He needs both the moderates and the radicals to have even the remotest chance of an election victory this November. It is a tricky balancing act, and it’s going to be fascinating to see if he maintains his balance or falls.

Waking the Slumbering Giant

Many formerly non-political people who never or only rarely voted, who told themselves it didn’t matter who won elections to govern their town or state received a most bitter lesson this year. It really does very much matter who wins elections.

Having the wrong person in important jobs results in a crisis becoming even worse if the city or state leadership is weak or incompetent. Or even worse: they turn out to be ideological radicals hellbent on implementing a “social justice” agenda.

The pandemic of the past five months and then the rioting of the past few weeks destroyed many of the comfortable illusions some Americans have been living under. Such as that it doesn’t matter who wins state and local elections.

Great Time for A Purge!

The Progressive Left here in America suddenly seems to be determined to drive out every heretic, to expel every infidel who will not bow the knee or chant the required words.  Absolute ideological purity shall be required, and those lacking it will be viciously expelled.

Trump will take full advantage of this, utilizing his amazing superpower of convincing betrayed and disenfranchised former Democrats to cross over and vote for him. It’s how he won last time, and so he’ll have no difficulty doing it again. This time, he’ll be doing it against a Democratic Party that truly seems to be trapped in an accelerating death spiral.

The same governors and mayors who sent police to arrest people who opened up their businesses, who shut down church services, who sent cops chasing after people running on the beach by themselves, then turned around and virtue-signaled by endorsing massive protests with demonstrators packed together shoulder-to-shoulder.

These Democratic politicians were forced into the absurd position of allowing and even encouraging these mass protests while still prohibiting businesses from opening or church services from being held.

The stunning hypocrisy of this vapid virtue-signaling by the Democratic political elites did not go unnoticed. Rising anger is visible both in the regular and the social media as Americans push back against this rank hypocrisy.

Then, Democrats decided to add insult to injury. Not only are they going to insist on continuing to preen and strut around showing how woke they are when it comes to politically correct demonstrations, they have decided to begin lying to people about the economy and jobs.

The Economic Recovery Will Seal Trump’s Landslide Win

Democrats are now going to spend the next 4 ½ months relentlessly gaslighting the country by claiming we’re in a recession even as all the jobs return, and the economy roars back to life.

Economic experts are brought out to stroke their chins and predict how long and how hard it’s going to be for the economy to recover from the pandemic shutdown. Many of these experts go on to volunteer their expectation that Trump is going to miserably fail on this issue, and it will cause him to lose his reelection bid.

The problem here, is that many of the economic experts are looking at past economic crashes, market bubbles bursting and so on to predict what’s going to happen when the economy is fully back up.

But this is a mistake. A financial crash or a market bubble bursting is what occurs when an unsound economy craters due to bad policy and/or risky investments that go bad.

That’s not what happened here.

This was a shutdown. It had never been done before. An unsound economy was not suddenly collapsing. This was not an unhealthy market bubble suddenly popping.

It was the strongest, most dynamic economy in US history suddenly having the "pause" button pressed.

Picture a race between two F1 cars, one who's engine is severely damaged and one who's engine is fine, the driver just deliberately shut it off.

While the driver with the bad engine frantically tries to restart it, he can't. It's broken. Meanwhile the driver who shut his engine off coasts, until he decides to turn the key in the ignition and restarts it. The engine is fine, so it starts right back up, and the car accelerates.

The economy is starting to take off, jobs are coming back, markets are setting of course here come the Democrats with their talking points about recession.

As the economic boom happens over the next 4 1/2 months leading up to election day, you’ll see relentless gaslighting from the Democrats and the DNC Media Complex [sorry for repeating myself!] that “We’re in a recession, dammit!”

Did the jobs report that was supposed to show massive job losses show massive job gains instead? Here’s what they’ll say: “We’re in a recession, dammit and it’s Trump’s fault!”

Did the financial markets that were supposed to crash set new record highs instead? This is what they’ll say: “We’re in a recession, dammit! And it’s Trump’s fault!”

You must remember you are dealing with a Big Brother cult here, one that’s right out of the pages of Orwell’s “1984”. If Big Brother says we’re in a recession, then we’re in a recession. It literally does not matter what evidence there is for economic growth.

Big Brother has spoken and when Big Brother speaks, the thinking has been done, so it’s time for cult members to demonstrate their loyalty to The Party by avidly and enthusiastically saying whatever needs to be said in the present moment to advance Big Brother’s fortunes.

And right now, Big Brother’s talking point is Obama caused that successful economy Trump inherited and Trump has destroyed it, and he’d destroyed it before the economic shutdown began in early March.

Think how incoherent that is. But they’re forced to say this. They have to. If the economy comes roaring back like Trump claims it will, the election is over even more than it already is. This time they can’t say Obama did it.

So as the jobs come back millions at a time, as the economy booms with rapid growth, you’ll see Democrats and their media sycophants stridently insisting this is not happening and we need to put Babbling Joe in the White House to fix this truly awful, rotten, horrible, no-good economy!

All they’re going to end up doing between now and the election is continuing to drive all the sane people in the blue states right into Trump’s camp.

Fine with me!

Brian Cates entered the political arena in March 2012, following the death of Andrew Breitbart. He is currently a political columnist for The Epoch Times and UncoverDC. Brian is based in South Texas and is the author of: “Nobody Asked For My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!”

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