Contact Tracing Means Losing Your Liberty

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  • Source: UncoverDC
  • 09/19/2023

The first attack on our liberty under the Trump administration was the Russian collusion hoax. After that didn't stick, it was impeachment. When that didn't stick, Covid-19 gave globalists a way to dismantle western society so they could rebuild it they way they wanted.

Slipped into the Covid relief package that was rushed through Congress was money to implement contact tracing. When citizens started seeing through the government's overreaction to Covid for what it was, they capitalized on the death of George Floyd. It was a reason to riot - to create a smoke screen of distraction. Globalists are keeping the riots stirred up for many reasons, one of which is keeping people distracted from what's coming: contact tracing.

This episode of the New Book of Daniel podcast outlines how contact tracing will happen, and how it will severely cripple the freedoms Americans have long enjoyed. Naturally, contact tracing is being sold to us as "for our safety." But if Americans want to remain citizens and not subjects, forced to comply with a program that is SURE to be abused in the same way Obama shut down his opposition using federal agencies, contact tracing must itself be shut down.


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