Beyond the Smoke Screen of Riots, Contact Tracing is the End of Liberty

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  • 09/19/2023

By Daniel Bobinski

Globalists and leftists are using the smoke screen of riots and the fog of a scorched-earth war (which they claim is against Covid) to hide their systematic removal of our liberties and Constitutional rights. In a country now besieged by fear, we must ask two questions. First, can enough Americans see through the smoke? And second, are there enough patriots who will fight back?

How we answer those two questions is important, because in case you've not witnessed the economic devastation or seen videos of the burning, looting, and killing, the globalists' war is real, and they will NOT let up.

As I've said for months, with the arrival of Covid-19, globalists finally found a way to destroy our economy. Their multi-faceted strategy includes a passive-aggressive attack: "We care about your lives!" said the globalists. "Stay home and save grandma! And wear a face mask, and stay six feet apart." And to trash our economy, it was, "Shut down all non-essential businesses!"

If you engaged in any form of logical debate to discuss these issues, you were shouted down and labeled selfish.

Fear and guilt are powerful weapons in this war.

After unilateral declarations from our "leaders," which were backed up by fear and guilt pumped at us through legacy media, an unbelievable number of Americans became "Covid Compliant." In fact, we now have neighbors yelling at each other for going the wrong way down a supermarket aisle.

Enter the riots

Despite Covid-19 not overwhelming any of our health care systems, globalists were doubling down on their draconian orders. In fact, on the same day George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, the mayor of Chicago had the police break up a crowd protesting the state's lock down, with Mayor Lori Lightfoot tweeting, "[N]o one is exempt from @GovPritzker's stay-at-home order."

Yet less than a week later, after everyone saw the video of a white cop kneeling on a black man's neck even after the man was dead, Lightfoot tweeted out a thanks to demonstrators for protesting peacefully as they exercised their first amendment rights, "demanding #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd."

As you might imagine, even Covid Compliant folks began tilting their heads in confusion at these double standards.

Why is it not safe for 1,300 people to gather in protest of unconstitutional lock downs, but it's perfectly safe for 13,000 to gather in protest of a bad cop? Or to pull bricks off a strategically placed pallet?

When riots broke out across the country, legacy media switched from the fog of "All Covid News" to the smoke of "All Riot News." Unbelievably, as Fox News reported, "Health experts say you should still close your business and stay indoors unless it's to protest."

You'd think people would see through the smoke and the fog of this hypocrisy, yet many Americans remain Covid Compliant, not realizing that America is getting smoke-and-mirror scammed by those who want to control us.

Americans need to peer through that smoke, because a very real danger is brewing. Naturally, it's packaged in the name of safety, but if we don't stop it, we can kiss our liberties goodbye.

The danger is a set of policies called contact tracing.

Under the guise of public safety, governors are enacting contact tracing without their state representatives or state senates voting on it! The problem is that legacy media outlets (the propaganda arm of globalists) are spinning contact tracing to be a good thing. They're ignoring the fact that these policies will severely restrict our inalienable rights.

If Americans value their freedoms, they will recognize contact tracing as a violation of liberty and say, "STOP."

What is contact tracing?

The State of Washington is one of the first states in the nation to get their contact tracing program ready. Their team consists of 351 National Guard Members (military uniform and a gun = intimidation), 390 people with the state Depart of Licensing, and 630 state and local “health care professionals.” Here's how they say their program will work:

  1. Quarantine Upon First Symptoms: anyone showing signs of a coronavirus infection is first asked to stay isolated until they can get tested for the virus.
  2. Test widely: test both the individual with symptoms and all members of their immediate household.
  3. Isolate Quickly: place any patients who have the virus and their households in isolation to prevent further spreading.
  4. Identify Contacts: identify everyone the sick patient may have recently been in contact with.
  5. Quarantine Contacts: place those individuals who have been in contact with a coronavirus patient under quarantine.

It seems simple at first glance, but let's see how it plays out.

Let's say your neighbor tests positive for Covid. Over the past three days he spent his time at work (a fitness center), he went shopping at the local health food store, and he went shopping for a new car. He also borrowed some tools from you two days ago, and you talked with him for 10 minutes about his project.

Do you see item #5 above? "Place those individuals who have been in contact with a coronavirus patient under quarantine?"

Yes, you guessed it. Using tracking apps and interviews, contact tracers will find everyone this guy encountered during the three days prior to him getting a positive test, and those folks will also get quarantined. That means because you talked with your neighbor for 10 minutes two days ago, you will need to self-quarantine in your house for 10-14 days. And not just you. Your entire family will need to stay in the house with you.

Let me repeat that:  Your entire family will need to stay IN THE HOUSE with you.

Even your spouse. Even your kids. No going out ANYWHERE. Your contact tracer will set you up with social services to bring you food. Your tracer will call every day and ask you your body temperature and you must report it. And all of you must comply.

This protocol would apply to you, to everyone who interacted with your neighbor at the fitness center, the health food store, and also every car salesperson he met with, too.

Them, AND their spouses AND their children.

And what happens if you actually show symptoms of Covid? Total isolation. You won’t even be allowed to share a bathroom with anyone. In fact, you won’t even be allowed near your pets until you’ve been “cleared” by your tracer.

You say you don't want to download a tracking app? Google and Apple don't care. They've partnered with multiple organizations to create apps that will tell contact tracers when you've been near someone who's tested positive for Covid. And Stewart Baker, a former lawyer with the Department of Homeland Security says the DHS could force companies to install tracking software on your mobile devices, and even make it illegal for you to deactivate it.

Never mind that someone’s Covid test might be a false positive. If an app says you were in contact with someone who tested positive, you and your whole family get a 10-14-day quarantine.

What could possibly go wrong?

Remember how the Obama administration used the IRS, the FBI, and even OSHA to target and bully his political enemies? With contact tracing, how easy will it be to say, "Oops! We discovered someone you talked to at the supermarket tested positive for Covid. You can’t attend that rally you were organizing, nor can you go outside to work on that political campaign for two weeks. Sorry."

And if you don't voluntarily quarantine for 14 days, they make it mandatory. In other words, it's not exactly voluntary.

What if you were scheduled to fly out in the morning to give a product demonstration your client requested? Too bad.

And if your son is scheduled to participate in a major martial arts competition? Or your daughter is scheduled to audition for the local symphony orchestra? Or your spouse was supposed to meet with the company president to discuss a promotion? Too bad.

Kiss liberty goodbye.

As one person who went through Contact Tracer training said, "I guarantee it will affect you AND your family."

In closing, if there were a viral bug that was a guaranteed death sentence for 50 percent of the people who caught it, you might sell me on contact tracing. But Covid has a recovery rate of better than 99.4 percent, and 80 percent of all Covid deaths occur in people over the age of 75.

Facts are facts:

  1. The Hydroxychloroquine / Zinc / Azithromycin protocol is powerful in combating Covid.
  2. A study in The Lancet "debunking" Hydroxychloroquine was itself debunked as a fraud.
  3. The World Health Organization tells us asymptomatic spread of Covid is "extremely rare."

Specifically, the WHO says, "Coronavirus patients who don't show symptoms aren't driving the spread of the virus." Still, the global medical establishment insists that contact tracing is needed to combat a second wave of Covid-19 infections.

This makes no sense. Contact tracing is unnecessary overkill, and it serves only to restrict our liberties.

How did Contact Tracing start in the United States? It was part of Nancy Pelosi's Coronavirus Relief Bill that was rushed through Congress!

We must see through the smoke screen of the riots and look several months into the future. Contact tracing is clearly an attack on America from domestic enemies under the guise of “public safety.” This policy must be reversed. Do we have enough patriots brave enough to stand up and fight back right here on our own soil to defend our liberty?


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Daniel Bobinski, M.Ed. is a certified behavioral analyst, best-selling author, columnist, corporate trainer, and keynote speaker. He’s also a veteran and a self-described Christian Libertarian who believes in the principles of free market capitalism – while standing firmly against crony capitalism.

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