The Legacy Media Have Failed Democrats (and America)

Op-ed by Stu Cvrk

How much have the legacy media told Democrats and the rest of us about the Democrat presidential candidates? Where are the in-depth investigative reports on their personal backgrounds, net worth and how they accumulated their wealth, past associations, major donors, real accomplishments, and other important details necessary for Democrats to make informed choices in their primaries?

The media have failed miserably to deliver complete information on Democrat candidates, concentrating almost exclusively on the horse race itself (and polls and who is ahead) and on their stances on left-wing soup du jour issues like Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, open borders (no wall), reparations, college debt forgiveness, elimination of the Electoral College, minimum wage increase, unrestricted abortion, massive tax increases, and so forth. The dirty little secret is that the stances on these issues mean nothing over the long haul because these are little more than pandering for votes, and Democrats almost never deliver on their campaign promises. What is truly important are the other details that the media never discuss, as mentioned above.

In addition, the legacy media are also squelching and obfuscating information on a whole host of other subjects for political reasons. They have abrogated their constitutional responsibility to speak truth to power and keep Americans informed. They are failing to conduct even-handed investigative reporting, concentrating their resources exclusively on conservatives and Republicans. And they are rapidly ceding their constitutional responsibilities to alternative and independent media such as here at UncoverDC.

Think I’m wrong about this? Let us examine the proposition by first looking at some of the Democrat presidential candidates.

Bernie Sanders: He advertises himself as a “democratic socialist” and has attracted a large national political organization consisting of radical leftists, Communists, and other like-minded socialists. But are any of these people aware how Bernie became a millionaire? He practiced nepotism by laundering his political media buys through a company controlled by his wife over the years and pocketing the 15% commissions, as detailed here. He has invested for years in Fortune 500 companies – not the green companies that he champions on the campaign trail. He also has voted for earmarks, tax breaks, and other favors for his deep-pocketed donors while in the US Senate. For years, his political slogan has been, “Our politics should not be dominated by billionaires and millionaires.” What would the Bernie bros think if they knew about his many hypocrisies now that Bernie himself is one of those same millionaires?

Pete Buttigieg: The fresh-faced first millennial presidential candidate has some skeletons in his closet that he works hard to obfuscate. The legacy media have never really explored his family background. Buttigieg’s father was a Marxist, as reported in this Washington Examiner article in 2019: He was “a Marxist professor who spoke fondly of the Communist Manifesto and dedicated a significant portion of his academic career to the work of Italian Communist Party founder Antonio Gramsci, an associate of Vladimir Lenin”.  That information has been since buried and is never brought up. How was he even able to become a US Navy intelligence officer with that baggage? Another issue that has been carefully obfuscated by the legacy media and his campaign is his homosexuality. Who could forget the video of the Iowa woman who wanted to change her vote during the caucuses after finding out Buttigieg is a homosexual, as reported in this story?  How could that not be common knowledge without media complicity in burying the story? We have also learned from Twitter personality Heshmat Alavi that Buttigieg is being advised by Iranian regime apologist Valil Nasr, as reported in this thread. The legacy media are pro-IRI and will cover this up, too.

Elizabeth Warren: The Fauxcahontas story is common knowledge, but there is more in Warren’s background that is rarely exposed to the public. Aiming her campaign rhetoric at middle class voters, her shtick is that she is a “complete honest broker” and that she has been “fighting corporate power” for decades. However, as reported in Peter Schweizer’s excellent new book, Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America's Progressive Elite, in the 1990s, “she effectively leveraged her position working as a government consultant on bankruptcy issues to reap a rich financial harvest as a legal consultant for the biggest corporations in America.” As Schweizer detailed in his book, with a specialty in corporate law, she helped Congress rewrite corporate bankruptcy laws, which saved large corporations millions of dollars and opened doors for providing legal consultation and services to those same corporations – a major source of her accumulated net worth which was estimated at ~$12 million in 2019. The list of her high-dollar consultancy clients included Fairchild Aircraft Corporation, LTV Steel, Southwest Electric Power Company, Dow Chemical, Travelers Insurance, and other large corporations. Schweizer’s 32-page chapter on Warren exposes her rank hypocrisy on claiming to “be an honest broker.” She is a corporate capitalist, not a Progressive – except in her crazy rhetoric.

Amy Klobuchar: Her claim to fame is that she was a “tough prosecutor” of white-collar crime in Minnesota. How many people know that her largest donor in her 2006 run for the US Senate was the perpetrator of the second-largest Ponzi scheme in American history (behind Bernie Madoff)? That would be Tom Petters and Petters Group International. She claims to be a “progressive” while shaking down corporations for campaign contributions in exchange for earmarks and other favors. She sponsored over $500 million in earmarks to her large donors during her first three years in the Senate before earmarks were stopped. As one example, in addition to earmarks and among other “goodwill,” she supported carve-outs in financial regulations for another large donor, Cargill Inc., to continue to leverage and exploit derivatives – which is very important and lucrative for a commodities-producing company. That’s corporate capitalism, not progressivism. How many Democrat primary voters are aware of that?

All the Democrat presidential candidates have sordid stories similar to these. Much is suspected and less is known by most people about the Biden family’s decades-long corruption. Independent journalists are leading the way in ferreting out the details of that nepotism. The legacy media have been covering that up for years in service of the former vice president. Thanks to the Democrats’ impeachment farce, the story of Hunter Biden’s Ukraine-related corruption is finally beginning to play out on the national scene, but that would have been all swept under the rug if the legacy media had been able to fully control the Democrats’ false narrative about Ukraine.

Moving on to Congress, how is it possible that “The Squad” and other socialists were not thoroughly exposed before their election to the House of Representatives?  What was the vetting process? Were voters fully informed of their radical backgrounds? Are Communists and subversives now able to pass admittance criteria without even a hiccup because the legacy media hide these details from voters? How many avowed Communists are now serving in the US Congress? Why is the Progressive Caucus in Congress now comprised of over 70 members (“Progressive” equals “radical socialist)? Why is it that the legacy media hide the fact that some of the more virulent advocates for impeaching the President are members of that caucus (e.g.., Debbie Dingell, Ro Khanna, Sheila Jackson Lee, Ilhan Omar, Jamie Raskin, Ted Lieu, Zoe Lofgren, and Maxine Waters)? What is America doing to ferret out these subversives, and what are the legacy media doing other than obfuscating and hiding this important information from Americans?

Now, let’s look at just one cultural topic that the legacy media also buries on a continuing basis – the Judeo-Christian values of regular Americans that the media continually demonize and hide. Here is just one tiny example of that. Did you know that most of the top NFL quarterbacks who were on the teams in the playoffs this past year are actively religious Christians? Here is an excerpt from a recent article from a non-legacy media source (of course):

A day after the Super Bowl, a friend sent me a video of my hometown QB, Patrick Mahomes, talking about his faith. Mahomes attends Bible study every Friday with his teammates and attends chapel every Saturday.

"Before every game I walk the field and do a prayer at the goalpost," said Mahomes. "I thank God for being on the stage where I can glorify Him."

Mahomes is not unusual. Six of the eight starting quarterbacks who made it into the divisional championship round are professing Christians.

Personal examples and quotes in that article were also compiled from these quarterbacks: Titans’ Ryan Tannehill, Ravens’ Lamar Jackson, Chargers’ Philip Rivers, Texans’ Deshaun Watson, Seahawks’ Russell Wilson, Vikings’ Kirk Cousins, 49ers’ backup CJ Beathard, Eagles’ Carson Wentz, and Eagles’ back-up Nick Foles. Very few NFL football fans, not to mention Americans in general, know that the leaders of these teams are professed and active Christians. What a great message for young athletes, and what a travesty that the legacy media have refused to cover this important story!

The legacy media have been undermining traditional American culture while pushing a culture of death, including promoting abortion on demand, legalization of harmful drugs, and euthanasia. The legacy media have been enabling the Democrat Party and their RINO allies for years while incessantly attacking Republicans and conservatives. Media reporting in the last quarter of 2019 was over 90% anti-Trump. Independent journalists like Sharyl Atkisson are keeping running-counts of media mistakes in the Age of Trump; Atkisson’s list is up to 111 instances!  In the 2016 presidential election, those identified in federal campaign finance filings as 'journalists, reporters, new editors or television news anchors' combined to give 96% of their more than $400,000 to the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. Does anyone seriously think that any of them will donate to the Trump campaign this year? Daily Democrat narratives are coordinated throughout the media such that even the very words and phrases repeated by the talking heads and their “guests” are identical. Republicans like the President are demonized; serial liars like Adam Schiff are lauded and feted. The world of the media has been turned upside-down.

In this atmosphere, and with these inherent political biases, the legacy media are incapable of fair and balanced reporting. And they are leading the Democrat Party off the cliff, politically-speaking, by pushing left wing economic and cultural Marxist claptrap on the Democrat Party base. Thank God that independent media like UncoverDC and others are stepping into the breech because the country desperately needs fair and non-partisan reporting in these troubled times.


Stu Cvrk served 30 years in the US Navy in a variety of active and reserve capacities, with considerable operational experience in the Middle East and the Western Pacific. An oceanographer and systems analyst through education and experience, Stu is a graduate of the US Naval Academy, where he received a classical liberal education. This functions as the key foundation for his political commentary. He threads daily on Twitter on a wide range of political topics, such as the military, foreign policy, government, economics, and world affairs.

Twitter: @STUinSD


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