Moral Relativity in Service of the Left’s Politics

by Stu Cvrk

The lack of moral outrage after shocking crimes were exposed over the past few months gives me great pause for concern that our Judeo-Christian cultural heritage is slip-sliding into the bottomless pit of soulless moral relativity. That’s a pretty strong thesis; let’s explore.

Consider these recent outrageously heinous crimes:

  • Jeffrey Epstein’s serial pedophilia over many years and probable murder. The basic crimes themselves – exploitation of under-aged females on a private island in order to service and blackmail “the rich and famous” – are horrible in and of themselves. However, thanks to Project Veritas, we recently learned that ABC News had the Epstein story – complete with a mountain of supporting evidence – at least three years ago but spiked its broadcast (almost certainly for political reasons to aid the 2016 Clinton campaign since Bill Clinton was directly implicated as a frequent flyer to Epstein’s “Pedophile Island”). Watch and/or read ABC 20/20’s Co-anchor Amy Robach’s statements on what they had but didn’t broadcast here:
  • Democrats insist that there’s no “border problem” and have castigated the Trump Administration for two years about supposedly separating illegal alien children from their parents and keeping them in cages. Yet their silence is profound as relates to the recent murder of 3 American women and six of their children in northern Mexico by suspect Mexican cartel thugs while a 13-yr-old watched the murder of his mother, survived the attack, and saved six other children. But this evil crime is already yesterday’s news in the legacy media since the story does not advance the Left’s open borders narrative. Read more here while you reflect on your own progeny facing a similar circumstance:
  • The legacy media disparaged the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi after he blew up himself and several of his children when US special forces personnel cornered him in a cave in Idlib, Syria. The Washington Post even referred to this serial rapist and murderer – who repeatedly raped American aid worker Kayla Mueller before murdering her – as “an austere religious scholar.” Democrats and their legacy media allies also falsely claimed that the raid that led to Al-Baghdadi’s death was carried out in spite of – not because of – President Trump’s leadership. They submerged a natural response to the death of a truly evil man to their politics – an exhibit of their moral relativity if there ever was one. Read how Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responded here:

How does Amy Robach look herself in the mirror because she sat on the Epstein evidence while he continued preying on young women for over three years? Did she not have at least a moral obligation if not a legal one to provide her evidence to the FBI for investigative actions? Why can’t elected Democrats come to grips with the chaos on the US-Mexico border and the crime wave that they help perpetuate with their open borders baloney? Don’t they have a moral and legal responsibility to facilitate the safety and security of their own constituents? How can Democrats and the legacy media not recognize the express evil in a man like Al-Baghdadi? This is moral relativity at work in service of leftist politics, and moral relativity is but one chapter of the book of evil. And rest assured, evil is what we are dealing with in the 21st century. Our Judaeo-Christian values and heritage are continually under attack by the Left.

The concept of evil has been defined through the ages by many cultures. The dictionary definition of evil is this: morally wrong or bad; immoral; wicked. This is the consensus view of evil after 5,000 years of recorded human history containing multiple instances of “man’s inhumanity to man,” a phrase first documented by Scottish poet Robert Burns in the 18th century.

The United States is the greatest product of Western civilization that has ever existed. The country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles by enlightened Founders for a moral people. What with the increasing secularization of the country since the founding of the ACLU in the 1930s, one might question that particular statement. But perhaps the greatest testament to the Founders’ intentions regarding our government is contained in this book, “The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States,” by Benjamin F. Morris. Refer to . Written in 1864, the book thoroughly demolishes modern arguments that the United States was founded as a “secular republic.” The Founders understood the evils inherent in Modern Man, which manifested in unbridled governments and oppressed peoples. They had fought the tyranny of English King George III directly and understood the perils and pitfalls of an unchecked government firsthand!

The Founders were particularly concerned about protecting individual and property rights from the overreaching evils of a strong central government. That is why there are so many checks and balances in the US Constitution. The three branches of government – legislative, executive, judicial – were purposely established to provide legal restraints on each other so that complete power cannot be aggregated into a single branch. This is why the Constitution is so important and why the Left seeks to render it into a “living document” subject to the arbitrary rule of men (themselves). They wish to consolidate power in the executive branch and also in the administrative state in order to freely implement their schemes without being checked by We The People. This is flat-out EVIL, and we have seen instances of that evil in play with the unmasking of the seditious coup aimed at President Trump these past three years.

What is evil in the Judeo-Christian context? The dictionary definition just scratches the surface. Philosophers and theologians over the centuries have defined evil in many ways. The Ten Commandments have provided the framework for modern morality. In ancient times, egregious, serial violators of the Commandments were considered “evil” and punished and/or expunged from society depending the nature of the crime(s). Crime and punishment throughout Western civilization was derived from the Commandments over the years. Evil has long been associated with The Seven Deadly Sins: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth. Down through the ages, the Catholic Church used these “cardinal sins” as a means to assist people in curbing their inclinations toward evil actions before the fact. This is why the Catholic Church – and organized religion in general – have been under constant attack by the Left for over 100 years. Destruction of Judeo-Christian values through secularization of American society opens the door for moral relativism and the evil of “anything goes”!

With what we have learned during the Age of Trump, who can deny that evil as conveyed in these various definitions can be found virtually throughout our entire political class consisting of elected politicians, staffers, federal bureaucracy (the “administrative state”), legacy media, nonprofit activist organizations like the ACLU, and others? Here are some of the apparent evils among the political class that we have observed during the Age of Trump:

  • Serial lying & narcissism (Pelosi, Schiff, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Obama, Rice, Rhodes, etc.)
  • Systematic pay-for-play corruption (the Clinton's, the Biden's, the Pelosi's, etc.)
  • Illegal domestic surveillance (the Obama intel community)
  • Unauthorized unmasking of private US citizens for political purposes (the Obama regime, including Samantha Power and Susan Rice)
  • Political corruption of federal agencies (DoJ, FBI, CIA, State Department, IRS, EPA, etc.)
  • Weaponizing federal agencies against political enemies (same as above)
  • Abrogation of the rule of law (Hillary’s “exoneration” by Comey ending the email server investigation)
  • Selective enforcement of laws (Obama’s entire tenure, especially relating to existing immigration laws)
  • Human trafficking (NXIVM, Mexican cartels, etc.)
  • Rampant pedophilia (Epstein, NXIVM, etc.)
  • Selling of US secrets to adversaries (spies for the Chinese, the Clinton's via their Foundation, etc.)
  • Political support for illegal aliens over American citizens (the Democrats’ sanctuary cities insanity and support for open borders)
  • The seditious conspiracy (Obama’s DoJ/FBI/Intelligence Community/Department of State)
  • Violence against political enemies, and its advocacy thereof (Antifa and their support by elected Democrats)
  • Daily hate-filled invective's in the legacy media (the daily anti-Trump narrative for the past three years!)
  • Blatant lying about supposed Trump-Russia collusion and obstruction of justice (continuing despite the Mueller report’s debunking of that)
  • Blatant lying about Russian Hoax #2 (Ukraine, Schiff’s star chamber, and Democrats’ continuing efforts to impeach President Trump on false pretenses)

The list is seemingly endless. And for what end purpose? To use selective moral relativity in order secure the Democrats’ lust for political power, ensure their access to the public treasury, and serve their baser instincts and proclivities. And to remove a duly elected president of the US in order to continue their crimes and corruption unchecked. The Uniparty cannot abide the stark comparison of a political outsider like the President actually living up to his campaign promises versus their own continuing lies and ineptitude. Even people who pay scant attention to Washington, DC and politics in general are understanding the contrast!

How is it possible that things have gotten so bad? Because we have not been paying attention and have allowed the perps to get away with their actions. And because the Left controls political discourse and uses authoritarian methods to shut down opposition. Think about the suppression of conservatives on social media, or the Antifa crowd shutting down political dissent at US colleges and universities. These nefarious actions prevent the free flow of ideas, and the Left cannot survive when facts and reality enter the equation! Suppression of competing ideas is a tactic the Left use to control political dialog, including hiding their crimes and excusing their immoral actions. When faced with the continual suppression of our political speech, as well as the constant barrage of leftist claptrap via the legacy media, many normal Americans prefer to remain silent and not fight back. That is a losing proposition!

Russian author Aleksander Solzhenitsyn, who wrote “The Gulag Archipelago” among other great historical novels, explains the cost to a moral society of remaining silent:

"In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand-fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations."

Read more here:

We have allowed the Left to cross the line demarcating good versus evil through their exploitation of the Devil’s tactic of moral relativity. Obama’s presidency emboldened them in every way possible. They thought that they were on the verge of total control over the country, having long ago captured our cultural institutions. We were silenced through accusations of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. And as they were not held accountable for their various crimes, as assisted by the legacy media which obfuscated their corruption, their actions worsened to the point where now nothing appears to be out of bounds, nothing spoken is considered too extreme, and no lie is too egregious or too bold to be expressed.

This is what happens when the rule of (evil) men replaces the rule of law. Laws are arbitrarily enforced depending on who is calling the shots. Laws only apply to “little people” and political adversaries, not to those in power. Political speech is squelched, and dissent is stifled. The Swamp, Deep State and Uniparty rule! Forget about We The People! This is what we witnessed during the Obama years.

This is still a Christian country despite incessant efforts by the Left to remove God from first the public square and then everywhere else. Evil flourishes in the dark, but it cannot be hidden from God-fearing Americans forever. I firmly believe that one of the reasons Donald J. Trump was elected was because normal Americans were fed up with the obvious corruption and ongoing purposeful destruction of the country – in short, the march of evil left unchecked for decades. We felt it in our very bones. We understand the damage that moral relativity has done to the country and our collective psyche.

What we are witnessing with the continuing obstruction of the Make America Great Agenda – and indeed the ongoing efforts to destroy Trump’s presidency itself – is an existential fight for the Republic as we know it versus the tyranny that the evil Left wish to create to serve their evil interests – at our collective expense! The Democrats are going to keep investigating the President because they can’t abide by him continuing to destroy Obama’s leftist agenda and expose their rampant corruption. They have already declared their intentions toward that end by transitioning their impeachment efforts to Russia Hoax #2 (Ukraine).

Since the legacy media willfully refuse to exert their constitutional obligation and moral authority to expose the Left’s corruption and evil, we are left with the few independent journalists with integrity such as here at UncoverDC to get the job done. If we want evil to prevail, we will sit on our thumbs from now through the 2020 election and swallow the swill being dispensed by Democrats and the legacy media while allowing them to get away with their moral relativity. If we want to help President Trump preserve the Republic and stave off the destruction inherent in socialism which the Democrats will surely foist on the country, we will do everything we possibly can to support him and his congressional allies in order to Keep America Great. And that means supporting independent journalists and strongly demanding moral accountability for everyone in the public square, too! What are you prepared to do?


Stu Cvrk served 30 years in the US Navy in a variety of active and reserve capacities, with considerable operational experience in the Middle East and the Western Pacific. An oceanographer and systems analyst through education and experience, Stu is a graduate of the US Naval Academy where he received a classical liberal education which serves as the key foundation for his political commentary. He threads daily on Twitter on a wide range of political, military, foreign policy, government, economics, and world affairs topics.
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