The Key Issues of Our Time

Opinion: StuCvrk

This is one man’s summary of the most pressing issues facing the American Republic.

ObamaGate (including Ukrainegate)

This is the sum of the weaponization of the federal government against Americans during Obama’s presidency, with emphasis on the illegal surveillance of domestic political opponents. The Obama White House political operation violated the 4th Amendment rights of American citizens by orchestrating the illegal surveillance of their digital communications, as well as illegally unmasking some of them when politically expedient. This was extended to at least one Republican presidential campaign by concocting a counter-intelligence operation without even informing the presidential candidate. The fact that he WASN’T informed as a courtesy by the FBI is a strong indication that he was indeed a target despite repeated denials by the FBI director running that operation!

But that is not the only aspect of Obamagate. The IRS, EPA, DHS, DOJ, FBI, and other federal agencies were weaponized against Obama’s political opponents throughout his presidency. For example, the IRS specifically targeted Tea Party-related non-profit organizations. A government cabal, together with willing allies in the media, foisted a Russia collusion hoax on the nation that led to 2-year “investigation” by a special counsel while stymieing the legitimate political agenda of a new US president.

And now that same cabal with additional Deep State allies is repeating the same process using a fake whistleblower in “Ukrainegate.” They are following exactly the same repeatable process: unsourced leaks from “trusted agents” turned into breaking news allegations against a Republican, massive Democrat legal and legislative coordination with those making the allegations/claims, a continuous stream of Democrat/media announcements of additional unsubstantiated allegations (lies) that appear to enhance the original claim, calls for investigations based on those false allegations, a shifting to investigations of process crimes when the original allegations are debunked, leaks from sources in intelligence and/or law enforcement agencies that claim cover-ups or support the false allegations, heavy use of paid Democrat political operatives to dig dirt and move the narrative forward, and outright lying by elected Democrats at every opportunity to impact public opinion favorably in their favor in order to provide over for impeaching President Trump.

The damage done by the likes of the criminal firm of “Clapper, Comey and Brennan” and their subordinates is incalculable. The number of people involved (insofar as known) is astounding, including the willing (and at least partially paid) participation of the legacy media – which continues to this very day. Contemplate the implications of what this means. We have seen evidence that the Obama DOJ and FBI acted as a veritable Praetorian guard in shielding politically-favored people like Hillary Clinton from certain prosecution. While many Americans have believed that their government operates in the best interests of all Americans without regard to politics, we have now learned just how corrupt the federal agencies have become. Trust in government is a thing of the past! Whether it can ever be restored is highly questionable. But restore it we must, and that will involve full disclosure of the crimes committed and harsh justice meted out to all the perpetrators, no matter how high or how low their station in life is. That brings us to the next major issue.

Equal justice under the law

Americans have witnessed the emergence of a two-tiered justice system over the past 50 years (at least). The “high and mighty” can escape punishment for the most egregious offenses while the rest of us are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The dichotomy is so pervasive and well-known that it’s almost become a cliche. The country has transitioned from governance by “the rule of law” to that of “rule by man” – with all the attendant arbitrariness and corruption that results. This needs to be reversed! Let’s break down some of the Democrats and their alleged crimes. Think about Ted Kennedy (manslaughter), John Kerry (serial traitor, sedition, and Logan Act violations), Bill Clinton (perjury, suborning perjury, and multiple accounts of sexual assault/rape), Hillary Clinton (multiple counts of mishandling top secret/sensitive classified information), etc. Of that list, my “favorite” is comparing Hillary’s unlawful email server and classified information mishandling exoneration to the one-year sentence given to Kristian Saucier for taking classified pictures of a submarine.

Fast-forward to the seditious cabal who tried to take down President Trump. It is galling listen to new CNN “contributor” Andrew McCabe spin his lying and leaking as a publicity stunt daily. He also said on CNN that he won’t take a plea deal if he’s indicted. To let Brennan, Comey, McCabe and the other perps escape justice would:

  • Embolden the Deep State and black hats remaining in government
  • Exacerbate the cynicism that has accrued for decades among normal Americans
  • Damage Trump’s presidency over the long haul by demoralizing his base, and
  • Potentially reduce the enthusiasm going into perhaps the most important election in over 100 years.

Yes, for the sake of the Republic, we need to see a return to equal justice under the law – and the sooner the better. Americans are more than prepared for it; in fact, we demand it!

Open borders

No country, culture, or government in world history has ever survived open borders intact over any length of time. Some consider open borders the greatest plague of the 21st century:

“[M]ass migration is the singular challenge of the 21st century. This is because it is a meta-issue that will affect our response to every other challenge. This is due to the fact that as mass migrations change demography, they may also affect changes in host nations’ cultures and political economies. The specifics of these changes are exceedingly difficult to forecast, because they hinge on dozens of variables specific to the migrants, the host nation, and the scale and rate of the movements. While we do not yet know the vector, the titanic, high velocity migration the West is currently experiencing will cause profound changes. … Unlimited mass migration could cripple liberal Western powers with perpetual ethnic tension, and halt their ability to effectively act on the world stage. This could cede the century to more unified authoritarian powers such as Russia and China who have drastically different value systems and views of human dignity.”

Read the rest here:

Open borders destroy the greatest asset besides the Constitution that America has had since its founding: our ability to assimilate people from every culture, race, and creed. Open borders breed disunity and balkanization and exacerbate ethnic tensions. The solution is a return to controlled immigration which enables the transformation of legal immigrants into Americans. Assimilation and the US Constitution together have been integral to the creation of the greatest country in human history.

Constitutional values

The US Constitution is the greatest political document ever written. Its timeless principles of separation of powers, constraints placed on the federal government, and the maximization of personal and economic freedom for all have served us well. But the Constitution has been under attack by the Left for almost as long as one can remember. The Left has been focused on undermining the Constitution from the beginning of the American Republic because they believe in the power of the government to right all wrongs and “get things done” (regardless of the law of unintended consequences). This has become even more pronounced since the Communist Manifesto was written by Marx and Engels in 1848. The class struggle they promoted warped into the modern “soft socialism” of today, with its primary instrument of implementation being federal governments everywhere. Just look at the Left’s current attacks on the First and Second Amendments these days. They are the first two amendments because of their critical importance in “keeping the Republic”, as the Founders well understood and explained in the Federalist Papers. Conservative political speech is under assault everywhere, but most particularly on college campuses! And what about the Democrats’ incessant efforts to confiscate our guns? The Constitution is under continuous assault by leftists and their legacy media allies. The solution that leads to full restoration of constitutional authority throughout the land is in our hands. Complacency must be replaced by the activism of constitutional conservatives if we are to preserve the Constitution and the Republic. That includes putting maximum pressure on our elected representatives to do their duties, too.

Voter fraud

The will of the people cannot be carried out if diluted by the corruption of the process through rampant voter fraud. Voter fraud dilutes the votes of US citizens – a reduction of our collective rights to self-determination. The Democrat Party has perfected voter fraud in many (if not all) states. And then there was the ballot harvesting conducted specifically in California during the 2018 election that turned at least 8 Republican victories into Democrat wins. It is NOT a stretch that the ballot harvesting was congruent with exploitation of some of the 5 million “inactive voters” (!) on the California voter rolls.

Why is it that virtually ALL cases of voter fraud involve DEMOCRATS? Because that is how the Democrat Party wins close elections. And that’s why they fight voter ID laws tooth and nail. The solution of course is implementation of strong voter ID laws in all states coupled with strict enforcement and harsh penalties for violators. My own kids – along with everyone else’s regardless of race, color, and creed – had to produce picture IDs and even birth certificates for years in order to play sports; the Democrat notion that strong voter ID is “racist” is crap.


All forms of corruption in America have increased over the past 50+ years. Delayed and denied justice has led to ever-bolder actions by political grifters like the Clintons and Obamas, as well as nearly everyone in their orbits. Some examples: acceptance of illegal foreign money in campaigns, Solyndra and other green boondoggles during the Obama years, pay-for-play and bribery through non-profit foundations (like the Clinton Foundation), use of law firm cutouts to corrupt media (Perkins Coie), the Haiti disaster aid rip-off, the Uranium One debacle, and one of my “favorites” – the grift that was the Obama regime’s Iranian nuclear deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which included laundering of approximately $1.5 billion as payoffs to who knows how many hands.

The answer is strict enforcement of existing anti-corruption laws, implementation of new ones, re-invigoration of whistle-blower statutes, and reinforcement of independent entities like inspectors general that serve as watchdogs on government agencies. This cannot be accomplished without a cleaning out of federal law enforcement from top to bottom, as the corruption includes those agencies, too.

Restoration of traditional American cultural institutions

The Left have insidiously taken over and now dominate key American cultural institutions: the public education system, higher academia, Hollywood, the media, mainline churches, and even the Boy Scouts! The ACLU was established by Communists in the 1930’s for the express purpose of undermining America’s institutions by pushing faux civil rights, e.g., the secularization of government and public places, which has disrupted institutional and personal relationships developed over millennia. Universities are run by leftists and turn out little leftists (if we parents don’t do our duties). Hollywood glories in making anti-capitalist, degrading and violent movies, which infuses a disrespect for human life into our culture. There is no question that these cultural attitudes have contributed to all the inner-city violence and shootings with which we are plagued in recent years. The legacy media have turned into paid and willing propagandists for the Democrats; think of the lessons we’ve learned about #FakeNews over the last 3+ years thanks to President Trump! We have allowed all this to happen over time by not offering any real resistance to the Left’s actions. Reclamation of American institutions and restoration of balance within them is a premiere issue of our time – and one in which we cannot fail if we wish our progeny to have the freedom and opportunities that we have had.

Restoration of accountability and personal responsibility

Remember when “the buck stopped here”?  The Truman era seems like another world compared to the lack of accountability for virtually anything and everything immoral and/or illegal we’ve either personally experienced or witnessed over the last 50 or so years. Before the Age of Trump, it seemed like no one at a senior level was ever fired from government service for any transgression/reason, no matter how egregious.  Was anyone ever fired for anything during the Obama Administration despite the raft of scandals? Benghazi? Fast and Furious? IRS-gate? Uranium One? Etc., etc. The Democrats have been the party of “anything goes” and moral relativism for years; they have been purposely driving the culture and our mores into the ditch along the way. Non-judgmentalism is their creed; it’s no wonder they look the other way when politically expedient.

But the worm may be turning thanks to President Trump! Who could possibly have imagined the exposure of the likes of Weinstein, Schneiderman, Epstein, Brennan, Clapper, the Podestas, the DoJ/FBI cabal, and others had Hillary won the 2016 election? We now have a real chance for accountability for these people and others. We must press for harsh justice for these people through our elected representatives!

Civic courtesy

Lastly, I wish to argue that the diminished level of civic courtesy and basic public decency has become a serious problem in the country. Harshness pervades political discourse, not to mention our everyday inter-personal interactions. Think about road rage as one example, and the absence of well-wishing among strangers as another. I remember the time when it was unthinkable for women to curse in public, let alone in movies and on television programs virtually every day as is the case now.  Despite the promises of feminists and other leftists, the coarsening of culture has served to undermine institutions and relationships by removing common decency from the public square. For starters, we need to return to practicing acts of kindness daily. And we need to get right with God.

To summarize, this is my list of the top issues affecting the American Republic going forward. It is up to us to tackle them because internal and external threats to America continue to work diligently in the opposite direction to undermine and ultimately destroy what we have built over the past 200+ years! What are you prepared to do?

Stu Cvrk served 30 years in the US Navy in a variety of active and reserve capacities, with considerable operational experience in the Middle East and the Western Pacific. An oceanographer and systems analyst through education and experience, Stu is a graduate of the US Naval Academy where he received a classical liberal education which serves as the key foundation for his political commentary. He threads daily on Twitter on a wide range of political, military, foreign policy, government, economics, and world affairs topics.
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