Epstein is the Tip of an Iceberg Hiding in Plain Sight

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  • 09/19/2023

Contributor: Celia Farber

While The Whole World Seeks “Truth” About Jeffrey Epstein, Children Are Being Harmed Every Minute, Enabled by Society: Demystifying Pedophilia and Child Trafficking

You don’t need to go down “rabbit holes” on the internet to learn about child rape in America. You only need to go to the nearest courthouse.

Dr. Lori Handrahan

When a high-profile pedophile like Jeffrey Epstein gets arrested, we are culturally conditioned to believe he is a rare breed: A kind of exotic monster whose wealth and power rendered him immune to capture and punishment for decades. And if he “goes down,” surely it will be the beginning of the end of the plague.

But the truth is far more crushing, less politically charged, and less conspiratorial; Pedophilia and child trafficking are embedded into every level of American society. You can find it in the military, law-enforcement, with judges, doctors, humanitarian leaders—the list goes on and on. We are in fact living amidst a pandemic nobody talks about, all the while children are brandished across the political spectrum for all kinds of virtue signaling. At the border, in the battle against Global Warming, and in just about every significant argument. The one topic we avoid is child rape. It occurs on an industrial scale all around us.  

What most people don’t realize is that you don’t need a tin-foil hat or access to a “chan” to get ample, forensic evidence of the truth: An epidemic of brutal child rape, trafficking, production, possession, and sale of child porn running all through our institutions and our culture.   Anybody can pull down the criminal case files, but for some reason, people don’t. Those who bother with the subject at all would rather go down “rabbit holes” on the internet peering at paintings on the walls of Tony Podesta, James Alefantis' Instagram page, or pedophilia symbolism on everything from plush toys to donuts.  Those people are safely cordoned off behind a haze of decadent mystery, or mockery, depending on your political positions post 2016. Mainstream media took out its discrediting hoses and blasted those early fires, reducing the whole discussion to “dangerous fake news” spread by “the likes of” Alex Jones. (“Dangerous” because, as they said, a man entered Comet Ping Pong and fired bullets into a computer. Not “dangerous” because of what happens to children.)

Pedophilia and child rape remains a third rail subject, tinged with “conspiracy” disrepute.  Basic research into it gets almost no funding, at the government or the academic level.  In the wake of the 2016 Wikileaks release of The Podesta Files, with its disturbing and cryptic emails apparently containing pedophilia code, pedophilia went both mainstream and underground.  With the alternative media’s focus on what came to be known as “Pizzagate,” and later “Pedo-gate,” followed by an opposition culture that ridiculed and dismissed this sub-culture, the real story was hiding in plain sight. The real story required no “anons” on chat boards to de-code images from Pizza-gate suspects Instagram pages. It was always right there to find, on government websites. Must our pedophiles be so “elite,” exotic, and famous?

One woman—a true heroine—has been studying the reality of child rape in America for over 20 years, and despite having a PhD, and being a humanitarian and academic for over 20 years, she is unable to get funding for a data base that would collect all the data and statistics revealing America’s grisly pedophilia underworld.

Lori Handrahan, author of: Epidemic: America’s Trade in Child Rape, learned the hard way how real this evil is: Her ex-husband raped her daughter when the child was two—then got sole custody of the girl, then set about wrecking his wife’s life, reputation and career.  In an emailed Q&A describing how she got involved with this issue, Handrahan told Uncover DC:

“Maine’s sexual assault forensic medical examiner confirmed my two-year-old daughter for rape by her father. Maine’s prosecutors refuse to prosecute and child protection refused to obtain a protection order. My daughter was then given to the sole custody of her abuser at four-years-old. I have not seen her since. That was nine years ago.”

“My former husband and his lawyer went on a stalking campaign against me, taking my homes, threatening my friends and family and going after my job as a professor, stalking my colleagues, students and supervisors until I lost my employment."

"No one has been held accountable for any of these crimes.”

Handrahan got her PhD at the London School of Economics and has worked as a humanitarian and academic for over 20 years.

In an interview I conducted with my colleague Kristina Borjesson on our podcast “The Whistleblower Newsroom,” Handrahan said: “What’s happened is I have so far been completely blackballed. I can’t get funding to do this research and nobody else is getting academic funding to do it either. Academia is part of it too.  It’s everywhere.”

“The most egregious thing, to me, is the number of government employees in positions of power who are actually very violent and dangerous predators. Their salaries are paid by our tax dollars. And this makes this a national security issue for America,” says Handrahan. “We’re talking about heads of nuclear detection agencies, top Pentagon people, you name it.“

Handrahan revealed many shocking facts and statistics to Uncover DC.

Here are but a few, to give you a sense of the scope of the problem:

  • In 2019, a bill was introduced to stop US Military Networks (you read that right) from facilitating child sex trafficking. The bill found some 5,000 perpetrators using Pentagon networks to trade in child pornography. 
  •  According to the National Criminal Justice Training program, US Defense Department’s internet networks were ranked top 19 (out of 2,891) most active on peer-to-peer child pornography trading sites in 2018. 

“Until Epstein, and now the Boy Scouts, and Larry Nasser…if you said ‘Child trafficking is a national security issue in America,’ it sounds like a conspiracy theory right?,” says Handrahan. “These people can’t possibly be this bad. Now you’re starting to see the scale and the scope of it and that’s critical. If you have a university Dean, or the head of a police department--  they’re almost always in leadership positions, and they’re going to use their professional positions to actually be able to rape and traffic children. They get in these high positions for two reasons: One, it allows them access. So people would never think… It’s like “Oh but he played tennis. He is such a lovely man. He volunteered for such and such. He went to Harvard. He went to Yale.”

What Handrahan does, tirelessly, day in and day out, is to search on criminal arrests, call the courthouses, call the prosecutors, read the case files and court documents, and find patterns.

“I’ve read I don’t know how many hundreds of criminal complaints,” she says, “and I can see patterns. 90% were white men in leadership positions.”

“It’s rising exponentially. It’s gotten so much worse in the last 10 years. I think it’s because there’s total impunity more or less. They have no fear of getting caught. They have been allowed to get away with this for so long and so many of them just don’t go to jail. It operates within our broken justice system which is disproportionately designed to criminalize black men and to exonerate white men as Epstein was. Now he’s finally being held accountable as Larry Nasser was held accountable, as was the Dean at Michigan State who protected Larry Nasser. He was finally sent to jail. We have the President of Penn state sentenced to jail. So you’re starting to see a lot more elite white men who built these incredible positions of power so that they would never go to jail for raping children-- now going to jail. And that’s a great sign.  But in order to really stop the crime and protect the children we need a lot more resources within law-enforcement, to prosecute, and we don’t have that.”

One of the things that has prevented the full reality from coming into view is the actual language, and ghettoization of terms. “Sex trafficking” for example, was when a 12-14 year old child was picked up on the street and trafficked by a pimp. “That was very racially biased,” says Handrahan. “It was a very disproportionate number of black men and Latino gangs. It followed the same lines as drugs and guns.”

In actual fact, child trafficking and institutional pedophilia is a plague that runs mostly in higher levels of white authority and society. Jeffrey Epstein fits the bill perfectly, except for the fact that he didn’t work for the government. (Or did he?)

“It doesn’t matter if the child doesn’t leave their bedroom,” says Handrahan. The minute that you put that video or image and live-stream in a chat room, you are trafficking that child.”

Having read so many hundreds of cases, Handrahan has seen it all. What she reveals as commonplace is beyond shocking.

“These men always share the children,” she says. “You can see that if you read the criminal complaints. A cop on a pedophile chat line. He’ll say: “I’m a single father and I have custody of my children, or I have custody of them on the weekend, or every other week. They’re six and nine and I’m sharing them to the community.”

It’s a subculture, with its own codes of etiquette, language, and structures. Handrahan knows it all too well. She offers the example of prominent 22 year-old humanitarian activist Joel Davis. “He was driving to meet what he thought was a father offering his six-year-old daughter for rape and in fact it was an undercover cop.”

“These guys will brag openly, for the community. “I raped my girlfriend’s two year old.” Or, “I’ve shared my children.”

If that makes you gasp in shock and incredulity—well, you haven’t read the case files Handrahan has, that are there for the taking.

“They always share,” she says flatly. “It’s a big deal to be able to offer a child.  That’s huge in the pedophile network. If you offer a child up for sharing? That’s huge.”

She offers another case, drawn from real life:  A man from the National Defense University, Naval Academy, in Washington D.C. on a training course.

“He gets on the D.C. pedophile chat-line and he says he’s a perv locally looking for action for the weekend. He starts talking with a D.C. undercover cop.  The D.C. cop says: “I’m offering my six-year-old…” so the guys like “great!”

She continues: “You know some of them will say that they won’t rape their own children. Others will say they’ll only rape their own children. So they’re very clear. In small towns where the prosecutor and the judge and the police chief all know each other and they’re all members of the Lions Club… if the police chief is distributing child pornography and he finally gets caught by the feds and prosecuted that’s an opportunity to actually take down the entire network.  The problem is that the prosecutors looking into these crimes are so overwhelmed they never have time to look into the wider network. It’s the plea deal thing.  “We’ve got you on 300 counts of child pornography. If you plead to one you don’t make us go through a trial will give you a slap on the wrist and probation and that’s it. And they’re done. And the cops will tell you ‘We don’t have the time. We would love to notify everybody in this guy’s network. We would love to dig deeply into his computer and get everybody. But we don’t have the resources to do it. We’re just trying to get as many guys off the street as we can. So the pattern is, arrest, arrest, arrest. Plea, plea, plea. With not a lot of research.”

Canada is ahead of the US in the war on organized pedophilia, for a reason that seems almost too obvious:

“The Canadians are taking down the servers, which is what we should be doing,” Handrahan says, “because we know where all the servers are located. You arrest people running the servers you collect all the IP addresses and you go out and you get everybody who is trading on that.”

“The Feds have tried to do that in America with an investigation called “Playpen” and they have been blocked in a lot of states by federal judges.  So whenever I see a judge giving a pedophile a slap on the hand I think: “You should be investigated.”

Handrahan has a whole chapter in her book just on judges. And a chapter she wishes she had put in her book, which she wrote an article about instead: Pediatricians. Specifically: Pediatric oncologists. Just when you thought you could not be more shocked and disgusted, it gets worse. But Handrahan breaks down the cover:

“A child that is terminally ill is the perfect target for a pedophile,” she says. “If you’re the pediatric oncologist it’s perfect because the parents think you’re wonderful you just love children you always want to be around children you’re saving their child’s life. These predators this is how they get to molest and abuse hundreds of children, right there in the hospitals. And that was what came out, finally, with the Larry Nassar case.”

“And when the children die…well, it’s perfect. Dead children can’t be witnesses.”

The profile for the American pedophile is stark: 97.1%, says Handrahan, are white men in positions of power.

“Every journalist should be reporting on this,” she says. “Nobody’s even reported on this statistic, it’s not even out there. Nobody is researching, and nobody is funding the research of it.”

The Larry Nasser case was a breakthrough for advocates like Handrahan.

“The judge in that case was just a hero. She allowed everybody who wanted to make a victim impact statement to come forward. Finally, America got to see the scope of child molesting. How many women stood up and testified? It was like… almost 200. And if they let that happen with the Epstein case it’ll be critically important because it’s never just one or two people. And then you can smear and gaslight one or two women and say “It’s just that crazy woman. It’s just that crazy woman. Finally, all the crazy women get to meet and say “Oh my God, it was 200 of us. Actually, we’re not crazy. You’re the problem.”

Jeffrey Epstein’s death, and even the potential arrest of his entire network, means little for the countless thousands of children being molested and raped every day. What does matter is breaking up the networks that make it so easy for them to keep doing it, with impunity. Hiding beneath the sheer fact that, at least until Nasser, Epstein and a few other high-profile scandals, Americans had plausible deniability. It all just seemed like…the kind of thing people talk about on the Internet.

One of those, you know, conspiracy theories.

-Celia Farber

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Celia Farber is a Swedish-American writer with a background in magazine reportage and investigative reporting. She has written for Harper’s Magazine, Esquire, Rolling Stone, The Epoch Times, and many more, and is a contributor to UncoverDC

Twitter @CeliaFarber

Website: www.truthbarrier.com


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