The Progressive Left MSM Is Losing It’s Influence

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  • 09/19/2023


Contributing Author: OpEd by Brian Cates

The Progressive Left MSM Is Losing It's Influence & Boy Are They Mad About It

The American Mainstream Media [MSM] ain't what it used to be. It's now just a pale, pathetic shell of what it was when I was growing up in a small town in Texas back in the 1970's.

Loss of Ratings And Prestige

Mainstream media hacks who sold out long ago and are just paid political propagandists for one US party can read the handwriting on the wall just like everyone else, and they are raging about where things are heading.  We got a graphic example of it this week when President Donald Trump held a “Social Media Summit” with prominent social media Conservatives at the White House.

“Journalist” Brian Karem had a full blown melt down live on camera during Trump's press conference in the White House Rose Garden.  So incensed was Karem by the fact the social media 'interlopers' got the good seats up front while the 'real' news media was shunted to the back behind the rope line that Karem was seen ranting and raving loudly.  He got so mad he actually invited Seb Gorka to 'step outside', something that led to a viral video when Gorka stalked over to get into Karem's face and call him a 'punk'.


CNN's ratings are now so abysmal they are being beaten by The Food Channel, Law & Order reruns and SpongeBob SquarePants.

They know they are in the process of being replaced, but there's nothing they can do about it except rage and engage in stupid personal attacks.  They should be self-reflecting on how they have nobody but themselves to blame for where they are now.

Instead, what is the MSM preoccupying it's time with? Proving how 'woke' they are compared to all the normal Americans out there.  And again this week we got a prime example of it.

The DNC Media Complex Is Now Filled With 20-Something Virtue-Signaling Morons Obsessed With Showing How Woke They Are

Got a D-Day anniversary coming up?  The 4th of July?  The 50 year anniversary of NASA putting a man on the moon?

Whatever the occasion, chances are there's a virtue-signaling denizen of the mainstream media looking for that all-important angle in their coverage of it that will allow them to shine their “Woke” batsignal so everyone can see it.

Here's the angle some dumbass at the NYT's decided to take in their coverage of the upcoming 50th anniversary of NASA putting a man on the moon:

That stupid hot take that the Soviets actually won the space race was written solely so the NYT's editorialists could signal their awesome virtue and that's it. In fact, the Soviet space program was so rife with incompetence & politically motivated bad decisions that it ended up killing several of the brave cosmonauts that were sent up into space.  You can read about one such incident here.

There has been a not so subtle shift to reporting news or even commenting on current events to blatantly having editorialists insert themselves into everything so they can give their not-too-subtle woke opinions about it.  These articles invariably push back against what the author's view as the false 'jingoistic' view of American to instead push the view of America as an inherently racist, misogynistic, homophobic or Islamophobic society, along the lines of someone who read Howard Zinn's “A People's History of The United States” and didn't understand they were reading the Soviet viewpoint of their own country.

Most people are going to be turned off if every event a media outlet covers has become a mere pretext for the people who work there to endlessly display their supposed manifest virtue for all the rest of us to admire.

Something else that turns off Americans is watching their news media blatantly lie to them, which the MSM has eagerly done on behalf of it's political masters more than once in recent years.

Stringing the Public Along On ObamaCare & Then RussiaGate & SpyGate Has Irretrievably Damaged The Media's Credibility

The Left was confidently assured for TWO AND A HALF YEARS based on...[checks card] FAKE NEWS and ANONYMOUS LEAKS from DNC Media hacks that Trump was in huge serious trouble & would be leaving office soon one way or another. And now the illusion is being destroyed.

Mueller came up empty, the SDNY probe of the Trump Organization's hush money payments just ended with no charges, and it's becoming apparent the stupid talking point of tying Trump to Jeffrey Epstein isn't going anywhere.

They have NO IDEA what's coming because they've feasted inside of a bubble for 2 1/2 years only on Fake News and anonymous leaks that **assured them** of just how much trouble the soon-to-be-removed-from-office Trump is in.

Meanwhile the same Fake News media that was feeding the Democrat base anonymous leaks that were misleading or flatly false has spent this same time attacking people like me and @tracybeanz by saying we're 'conspiracy theorists' for telling the truth about SpyGate.

So in the coming months the Lefty base is about to learn that not only is Trump NOT leaving the White House anytime soon, they're about to learn what they've been told to dismiss as a 'right wing fever dream' is the truth. RussiaGate is a Hillary Clinton production.

They're not ready, folks. They are going to be completely blindsided by the release of the Horowitz report & Trump's declassification of the FISA documents.


DNC Media 'journalists' have spent more than 2 1/2 years ardently lying about, suppressing or hiding the actual facts about how Hillary Clinton launched the dirty trick against the Trump campaign that became "SpyGate".

So here we are, Summer of 2019, a Lefty base that's been locked in a bubble of lies for 2 1/2 years is only now waking up to reality. Trump's **still there** and it's becoming apparent he's not going anywhere any time soon. Meanwhile the Democratic Party is self destructing.

The Democratic base which got a good look at the candidates at those 2 nights of debates are having it dawn on them that none of these 20+ losers can beat Trump. And "The Red Squad" of unhinged freshman Democrats in the House is now the FACE of their party.

Joe Biden got up there this week & was actually dumb enough to repeat Obama's ObamaCare lie about 'keeping your plan if you like it'. The deepest GOP field in history was no match for Trump. People who think Biden or Sanders or Warren or Harris have any shot against him = funny.

Right now the Mad Squad is calling Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer racists & submitting BDS bills on the House floor while screeching the US gov. is running concentration camps on the border while comparing Border Patrol/ICE personnel to Nazis.

So smart Democrats are being forced to realize all this bullshit they've been fed for 2 1/2 years by media sources they trusted is exactly that: bullshit. While simultaneously they are watching their party leadership up there in DC score one own goal after another on itself.

Well it's their own fault. The rest of America learned long ago not to trust the Fake News Media.

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