Part II: The Enemy Within- A look at the Key Players

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  • 09/19/2023

From time to time, this website will feature guest contributions from other authors. I am pleased to bring you the second piece in a series written by Harold Finch. 

Op Ed: By Harold Finch

Immoral Foundations

When I started this series, we began by looking at some of the key leaders within our government who have demonstrated and proven that they serve a criminal enterprise. This is an enterprise that took our government, and weaponized it against us. This week, we look at some of the key subordinates who made these conspiracies come to life. The likes of Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, James Comey and Andrew McCabe; people who felt their actions would never face scrutiny and  would never see the light of day, much less be subject to accountability. These individuals received orders. But they didn’t only execute those orders because they felt they could get away with it, they executed them because they knew a structure was in place to allow them to follow those orders obediently and carry them out without question. It’s nearly impossible to doubt this, in part because of the text messages between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. These texts give us an insider’s view into their deepest thoughts, as well as the back and forth discussion about their directives, and the execution of those directives.

One of the things that disturbed me most learning about history as a child, was learning about how the some of the most evil governments in history operated. At all levels, orders were followed without question;  followed obediently by key underlings serving corrupt and evil leaders. The machine worked because no one was willing to question leadership, and no one was willing to say “no” when tasked with questionable, unethical, corrupt and evil orders. We can draw parallels today to this model. One need look no further than the underbelly of the organized criminal network that has infiltrated and taken over the United States government. From former President Barack Obama (who as per the texts of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page “wants to know everything we are doing”) to Attorney General Loretta Lynch making her deal on the tarmac with the Clinton's, to James Comey using the Steele document to initiate an FBI led attempted coup against President Donald Trump, there is clear evidence of a cabal willing to do anything to achieve their goals.

Anyone who is honest about the disclosures about what James Comey and his “Seventh Floor” at the FBI did with the help of a Sally Q Yates led Department of Justice would not dispute that a coup against a lawfully elected President was attempted. At every turn Comey was at the helm making decisions and supporting those carrying out the orders. His most valuable lieutenant, Andrew McCabe, was most key among them.

The History of Andrew McCabe

Andrew McCabe has a long history of actions that run counter to serving his country. Andrew McCabe’s career at the FBI hit all the right check boxes for fast promotions. But there are deep questions about what he did at each step along the way, with many troubling aberrations surfacing throughout. Early in his tenure, Andrew McCabe worked out of the New York Field Office, tasked with working organized crime cases against the Russians; an assignment that put McCabe in close, direct, and long-term contact with Bruce Ohr. Another contact Andrew McCabe made during his days as an organized crime investigator in New York was Oleg Deripaska. Deripaska is deeply involved with the Steele Dossier, and Russian organized crime. He is known to have direct ties to Vladimir Putin. From the True Pundit story about McCabe’s troubling ties:

“McCabe maintained an alliance with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska a tycoon and close associate of Vladimir Putin. And McCabe apparently met with him in Europe without proper clearance from FBI, while Deripaska was a possible target on a FBI organized crime probe. McCabe also privately acknowledged to FBI agents that Deripaska was a friend.”

This is deeply troubling. Arguably one of the most damaging events to ever happen in US National Security was the the story of what happened with FBI Senior Supervisory Agent Robert Hanssen. Bob Hanssen was a counter intelligence officer, and his specialty was tracking and stopping Soviet Intelligence efforts to penetrate the US Government. FBI Supervisory Agent Robert Hanssen, who led the FBI’s Soviet Analytical Uni,t was the most damaging Russian spy in US History. He was personally responsible for the deaths of over 30 Russian officers working for the United States. Anyone who sees Andrew McCabe’s deeply troubling history of interfering with cases involving Russian organized crime and his direct involvement with Oleg Deripaska must consider the possibility that Andrew McCabe is a Russian asset.

Within the Intelligence Community there are established, inviolable rules about reporting contacts, and travel to meetings with people who are possibly connected to hostile foreign services. It is not optional to report meetings and travel in such cases. This absolute rule is in place throughout the IC to prevent American officials from being recruited to spy for hostile powers. Why did Andrew McCabe hide his meetings with Deripaska? Why did he refuse to report them? This should have raised enormous red flags among his colleagues, especially in the wake of the arrest of FBI Agent Robert Hanssen for spying over the course of decades without being caught.

But Paine digs deep and finds some shocking details about how McCabe’s connections to hostile Russians went ignored: Peter Strzok ran the program looking for such clues. From the article:

“During McCabe’s liaisons with Deripaska, Strzok was running the FBI’s Post-Adjudication Risk Management plan, or PARM, a program initiated to catch problematic and criminal associations of FBI agents. Strzok and PARM should have snagged McCabe’s Russian associations, especially Deripaska. Many agents were fired for far less, under the stringent internal program. Where was Strzok’s oversight of McCabe or did Strzok simply look the other way? CIA officials looked at McCabe’s Russian contacts, especially Deripaska, fearing a possible data breach like convicted FBI spy Robert Hanssen.”

The issue with McCabe’s meddling, interference, and spying on Russian cases was so widespread and pervasive, that Field Agents lodged complaints with the FBI’s Inspection Division, and then-Chairman of the Judiciary Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA). This was not something that went unnoticed; but FBI PARMs head Peter Strzok, and Director of the FBI Robert Mueller took no action. This continued under James Comey.

“And by 2015 even officials at the Central Intelligence Agency became concerned about McCabe’s contact with Russian officials, according the federal law enforcement sources. The CIA’s Counter Espionage Division may have opened a formal a case on McCabe, after intelligence about his contacts with Russians sparked a review of his foreign associates, sources said. “There may have been an official case,” one CIA source confirmed. “I know for a fact he was looked at informally, where we would see what he was doing with foreign contacts. A formal case would be classified and I couldn’t get into the details if it hinged on Russian organized crime.”

In spite of numerous warnings about Andrew McCabe’s pattern of suspicious actions, he was not only never investigated, he was promoted to head of Counter-terrorism division, and later, led the Counterintelligence Division. I want you, dear reader, to pause for a moment and ask yourself a question: how valuable would it be to Russian Intelligence to recruit a rising young agent, who later became the head of Counter-intelligence at the FBI?

Paine further connects the dots and explains some key points about the meetings with Deripaska; as a high level and senior FBI agent he would not have been authorized to meet with Deripaska because of the risk of recruitment, especially given who Deripaska was connected to:

“Two FBI Agents were sanctioned by Mueller’s office to interview Deripaska in Europe. McCabe was FBI upper echelon and was not approved to speak to Deripaska, sources said. In fact, it appears FBI policy would have required McCabe to get a waiver signed by DOJ officials to be permitted to meet with Deripaska, especially since Deripaska was a potential player in an open FBI investigation.

McCabe had pulled a similar move later, meeting with Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to hatch out McCabe’s wife’s run for the Virginia State Senate. But McAuliffe was a target of a FBI corruption probe at the time, yet McCabe – as deputy director – sat with the governor and later accepted over $700,000 in campaign funds for his spouse’s failed political bid.”

McCabe, the Clintons, Deripaska, and the Steel Dossier

Throughout his entire career in the FBI Andrew McCabe has shown complete disregard for the rules, and served interests counter to those of the United States. Andrew McCabe has a long standing relationship with the Clinton family as well. That connection went undocumented for years, and unreported to his employer, the FBI. It turns out that Dr. Jill McCabe and Andrew McCabe were neighbors of the Clinton’s, living in the same neighborhood for years, and hiding this fact from the FBI.

Andrew McCabe’s relationship with Oleg Deripaska is troubling enough given the facts already mentioned. But we now know conclusively through court documents, verified media disclosures, and ongoing investigations, that Oleg Deripaska is directly linked to disgraced MI6 officer and Fusion GPS employee Christopher Steele, as well as directly linked to the Steele Dossier; the same dossier McCabe and Strzok used to launch the coup against President Donald Trump.

Deripaska’s ties to Christopher Steele are explored in depth by The Epoch Time’s Jeff Carlson here. Is it a mere coincidence that the FBI agent tasked with looking for red flags of compromised FBI agents, who ignored alarming reports about Andrew McCabe, was promoted to the second highest spot in FBI Counterintelligence, working directly with Andrew McCabe to take down the President of the United States?

There is another very troubling issue that goes to the heart of all things Andrew McCabe: a complete lack of Integrity. It is established fact that Andrew McCabe is a serial perjurer and is on record lying to fellow agents, investigators, congress, the OIG, and other agencies. Andrew McCabe’s dismissal with cause from the FBI came as a direct result of lying to FBI Inspection Division Agents, and Dept. of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz in regards to unauthorized leaks to the Washington Post. Andrew McCabe ordered agents beneath him to contact Devlin Barrett of the Washington Post to leak a narrative less damaging about his wife accepting $750,000 from a Clinton money bundler for her Virginia State Senate race. This happened at the same time as Dr. Jill McCabe’s husband was running Mid-Year Exam- the FBI’s investigation in the Hillary Clinton home email server. It is also of special interest because at the time of the donations to Dr Jill McCabe, Terry McAuliffe was also under FBI investigation. Andrew McCabe’s Special Counsel at the FBI, Lisa Page, turned over text messages to the Inspector General proving McCabe was the leaker. While interviewed previously, under oath, by FBI Inspection Division agents, McCabe had blamed Lisa Page and Asst. Deputy Director for Public Affairs Michael Kortan for the leak. The Inspector General’s report can be read in its entirety here and at Business Insider here.

A lack of integrity

From lying about his involvement and illegal meetings with Oleg Deripaska, to interfering in Russian cases, to the CIA opening a case on Andrew McCabe, to being fired for lying to colleagues and unauthorized leaking to the press to cover up possible bribery for fixing the Clinton Email case, Andrew McCabe has a long and well-documented history of untruthfulness. He also has a history of retaliating against agents who report his suspicious and illegal activities. Robyn Gritz is right: there is a malignant Cancer within the FBI, and McCabe was one of the biggest malignant tumors.

It’s also on record that Andrew McCabe was less than honest with Congress while under oath. During congressional testimony, then Acting Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe testified in open committee hearing that there was no evidence of collusion with Russia by the Trump campaign, and that in no way had the President interfered with or obstructed the FBI’s efforts to investigate. His claims on the media circuit of late carry on a long tradition; Andrew McCabe changing his story to fit his circumstance regardless of the truth. Representatives Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Devin Nunes (R-CA, ranking member HPSCI) have made it clear that Andrew McCabe is not being truthful or candid about what he said in front of Congress during hearings or during his Gang of 8 Intelligence Briefing. A briefing where he admitted opening a Counter Intelligence investigation aimed at the President after James Comey was fired.

We now have Andrew McCabe making the talk show circuit, including this appearance on 60 minutes where McCabe makes the claims he opened a counterintelligence investigation into President Donald Trump based on comments he didn’t like, and an animus over the firing of James Comey. He accuses the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein of fomenting a plan to wear a wire and record the President to pursue a 25th Amendment removal. Rod Rosenstein, someone within the President’s inner circle and who stripped Acting Director McCabe of any control of the Russia investigation denies the claims. This was stated in a release from the DOJ.  In a statement, the Department of Justice said:

“As to the specific portions of this interview provided to the Department of Justice by 60 Minutes in advance, the Deputy Attorney General again rejects Mr. McCabe's recitation of events as inaccurate and factually incorrect.”

The statement continued:

“As the Deputy Attorney General previously has stated, based on his personal dealings with the President, there is no basis to invoke the 25th Amendment, nor was the DAG in a position to consider invoking the 25th Amendment.”


It’s clear that McCabe will say anything to justify his actions. He believes he is accountable to no one. He believes his actions are beyond any consequence.

From unreported and hidden connections to Russian mafia and Russian intelligence, to hidden connections to the Clintons, to an entire career built on lies and criminal acts, Andrew McCabe was one of the most important figures in the Criminal Enterprise that has taken over our government. Without insider threats like Andrew McCabe to serve under and follow orders of other threats in positions of leadership, Spygate and many other crimes would not have been possible. If America is going to break the stranglehold this internal Criminal Enterprise has on our country, Andrew McCabe and others like him must face real justice. The survival of our Republic and our freedom depend on it.

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