Part I: The Enemy Within

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  • 09/19/2023

From time to time, this website will feature guest contributions from other authors. I am pleased to bring you this piece written by Harold Finch. 

By: Harold Finch

In 2016, we as Americans watched something truly incredible happen. To many, it was a resurgence of patriotism. To others, it was about the forgotten man and woman left behind by the new ‘progressive’ course charted throughout the Obama years. For others, it was more about the colossal defeat of ‘political royalty’. We watched as the American people voted to choose someone who vowed to put America first, and turned away from the political class and their agendas.

What we didn’t realize at the time was just how miraculous this event really was. President Donald J. Trump did not simply win an election- he won a rigged election against a political dynasty that was anointed to carry on the Political Class’s agenda; an election not just rigged by the opposing candidate, but by the entire political class as well.

For many years, we as Americans have managed our day to day lives of going to work, paying our bills, raising our kids, managing our careers, and building our marriages. We pursued our education, created businesses, innovated new products and ideas. We lived our daily lives focusing on Making America Great every single day, through our daily lives. What we didn’t collectively realize or understand was that as we were busy doing all of this, the political class was betraying us. They were growing inside our government like a dangerous, malignant cancer, and subverting our government to turn it against us, to weaponize it.

For decades, insiders in our government have been working to create a class of inter-connected, protected, lawless, unaccountable individuals in key positions and within key government agencies. Their goals were to use the machinery of government to create a criminal enterprise that was beyond reach and nearly limitless in power. By occupying the National Security organs of the United States government, they ensured they had access to weapons, money, personnel, and the ability to traffic any commodity. By occupying the pillars of justice of our government such as the Department of Justice, and the FBI they ensured they would never be held accountable, and would be immune from prosecution and real accountability. By infiltrating the most innovative and brilliant companies in our country, the Defense Contractors, they hijacked the entities that supplied powerful weapons of war, and gained a mechanism of unlimited funding. By hijacking the Intelligence Agencies, they obtained the tools to monitor, spy on, and control the population writ large.

What we learned in the wake of the 2016 Presidential election in the United States was the most shocking secret our country has ever had to come to terms with: the US Government had become a criminal enterprise controlled by a cabal of elite insiders; “The Enemy Within”. This was decades in the making, but we were warned this day would come. We were told in the founding fathers own words about governments turning on their people, and the people’s right to ‘throw off the chains of Tyranny’, to President Eisenhower’s famous speech warning us about the grave danger posed by a large military alliance and partnership with the private sector companies that make up the defense contractor community- what he called the Military Industrial complex.

Decades after President Eisenhower, warned of the Military Industrial complex his nightmare has come to life. A well-researched look at this can be found here. America’s rise to this National Security State was driven by the cold war, but it has become a permanent fixture for two ever present reasons: money, and power. One need only look at the recent Audit of the Pentagon’s budget to understand this; according to an article appearing in Forbes in Dec 2017, the Pentagon cannot account for trillions of dollars. That is a powerful motivation: kickbacks, untraceable money, and a never ending slush fund coming from the missing funds. But money isn’t the only motive, power is also a key motivator. From White Water, to Wen Ho Lee, to Benghazi, the Clinton family is famous for selling influence to the highest bidder, for building buying and stealing influence and power to further their own political power. Political power has been a vector to personal wealth, and immunity from accountability for the Clinton's for decades. They have surrounded themselves with political insiders to further this political power and to shield themselves, and those who helped them have been rewarded richly for those efforts in the two currencies that matter most: wealth and power.

Many of these political insiders have become household names in the past two years, but their long history of involvement as political fixers, enemy subversives within who exist only to protect the other enemies within, and in exchange to become insiders themselves, is little known. Let’s start by taking a look at the history of current Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Robert Mueller cut his teeth as a DOJ lawyer in the same ground that the current Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi comes from, but his first real case was in Boston. DOJ US Attorney Robert Mueller’s first big break was landing the mobster Whitey Bulger as an informant, through an FBI Agent later put in prison for being Bulger’s accomplice in murders. How did Robert Mueller respond to these crimes? He knowingly prosecuted, and sent two innocent men to prison for those murders. The Boston Globe asked some key questions about this, but it has been largely missed. In light of the facts and the rumors circling that Mueller’s biased team is set to wrap up its Russia Investigation, Whitey Bulger’s transfer to a prison in West Virginia ordered by DOJ and his imminent murder less than 24 hours after arriving there are deeply suspicious. Why would a notorious mobster connected to Robert Mueller be assassinated in prison at the same time a crucial politically-motivated investigation led by the same Robert Mueller was under way?

This is the just the beginning of Robert Mueller’s service to the Enemy Within. Mueller had made some very powerful friends along the way after leaving Boston for Washington, D.C. One of those friends was George Herbert Walker Bush. George Bush was a former DCI CIA who was reputed to be involved with the creation of the BCCI. Given the CIA and DCI CIA Bush, and then later Vice President Bush’s deep involvement with BCCI and illegal weapons transfers, money laundering, drug operations, terrorist networks, and drug cartel business known to have been run through BCCI including Iran Contra funding, it is extremely relevant to our discussion. Why did a President George Herbert Walker Bush appoint Assistant Attorney Robert Mueller to handle the BCCI case? Why was a former DCI CIA, then president, choosing a prosecutor who was known for covering up crimes to pursue the case? Could it be because of the CIA’s involvement with the bank? Note in this Washington Post Article co-authored by Michael Isikoff in August of 1991 that the CIA knew all about BCCI’s illicit dealings, and failed to report them to the Federal Reserve. The article talks a great deal about happenings in 1986, the height of the Arms for Hostages operation run by Gen Colin Powell and National Security Advisor Oliver North, and at a time George Bush was Vice President. It is well known the financing for the arms transferred to Iran were run through BCCI. Questions remain: why did President Bush choose Robert Mueller to investigate the BCCI case? Why did no prosecutions ever arise from Robert Mueller’s investigation?

A recent article by John Solomon reveals that the Federal Bureau of Investigations under Robert Mueller’s leadership had lied to the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court to obtain FISA warrants on FBI targets. From the article:

“Robert Mueller, the former FBI director and current special prosecutor in the Russia case, once was hauled before the nation’s secret intelligence court to address a large number of instances in which the FBI cheated on sensitive surveillance warrants, according to evidence gathered by congressional investigators.

For most of the past 16 years, Mueller’s closed-door encounter escaped public notice because of the secrecy of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).

But thanks to recent testimony from a former FBI lawyer, we now have a rare window into documented abuses of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants and how the courts handled the matter.”

The full article can be read here. This is a crucial disclosure given how Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation began: as an FBI Counter Intelligence investigation that fired FBI Director James Comey opened allegedly after obtaining a copy of the infamous Steele Dossier from multiple sources, including Harry Reid, Christopher Steele himself, and reputedly from John Brennan. It was this counterintelligence investigation, begun illegally using unverified information and hidden for nine months in violation of oversight laws, that directly led to the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It is important to note that Robert Mueller and James Comey have been linked personally and professionally, working together at the Department of Justice and Comey being hand-picked by President Obama to succeed Mueller at FBI.

James Comey has an interesting past most are not aware of, much like his close friend Robert Mueller. Per this article from CNN, James Comey previously investigated the Clinton's- James Comey was deputy Special Counsel in the Whitewater probe, and was the DOJ prosecutor charged with investigating President Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich. The investigation into Secretary of State Clinton’s email server shown conclusively to contain Special Access Program and Top Secret data was the third time James Comey led investigations into the Clinton's; investigations that ultimately shielded the Clinton's from accountability. It isn’t the first time Comey has covered up a crime directly involving the Clinton's or their insiders- he also declined to seriously pursue Sandy Berger who was caught stealing sensitive classified documents relating to the Clinton Presidency from the National Archives (see as detailed in that same CNN article).

It’s also interesting to note that when James Comey left the Department of Justice, he went to work for a prime Defense Department contractor, Lockheed Martin. James Comey’s net worth at the time was a fraction of what it is now, exploding upwards during his tenure as chief counsel for Lockheed Martin, at a time when Lockheed Martin secured several no-compete federal contracts, all awarded during Secretary of State Clinton’s tenure. The fact is, James Comey has used his influence as a Government employee to his advantage to grow his personal wealth. He is not the only Senior FBI employee to do so. See this for more details on Comey’s financial growth.

The FBI investigation into Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy began during the election and continued post inauguration until James Comey was fired, triggering the appointment of a Special Prosecutor. Epoch Times correspondents Jeff Carlson and Brian Cates have covered this extensively, and how the FBI illegally used contractor Fusion GPS to abuse the NSA Databases that were part of the FISA 702 ‘to’ & ‘about’ queries to fuel their investigation. After this was discovered by a program audit ordered by NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers, the 702 queries were permanently shut down and the FISA Court notified of the breaches. Jeff Carlson lays out in startling detail how James Comey’s FBI abused the FISA process to target one political candidate in the presidential election using the full weight of the FBI and the DOJ, while simultaneously protecting and shielding the opposing candidate.

We’ve also learned that James Comey was personally involved in preventing a deal between the Department of Justice and Julian Assange to shed light on just who hacked the DNC. Why would a sitting FBI director stand in the way of an investigation trying to determine who allegedly hacked (as we are told) into the DNC? Plenty of theories abound about this, including the theory it was an insider leak of data to Wikileaks, not a hack. Some very prestigious people have weighed in to assert this is most likely, and any evidence to confirm this would not only undercut, but would jeopardize the Russia investigation. James Comey’s involvement in killing the Wikileaks immunity deal to testify before Senate Intelligence Committee is well-documented by The Hill’s John Solomon here, and here. This was discussed in detail by Tracy Beanz within this thread.

Throughout 2016 and well into 2019 we continued to learn about how insiders loyal to corrupt and criminal political circles, used their positions of power inside the Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies to meddle in a presidential election and when that failed, to attempt a soft coup of a sitting US President. Names like James Comey, and Robert Mueller make headlines almost daily, but the Insider Threat is much larger than agency directors. Enter Andrew McCabe.

Andrew McCabe was James Comey’s literal right hand man, hand-picked by Comey to be Deputy Director of the FBI. Andrew McCabe has some interesting connections of his own, and this may explain why Director Comey chose him for the role as the second most powerful man at the FBI. Andrew McCabe is best known for being fired by Jeff Sessions for leaking and then lying about it to federal investigators. This was described in the Justice Dept Office of Inspector General’s report found here. The crux of the matter was an article written by Devlin Barrett about Deputy Director McCabe. McCabe’s wife was running for state senate in Virginia at the behest of long-time Clinton insider and financial bundler Terry McAuliffe (then governor of Virginia). It is well-documented that at the time FBI number 2 man Andrew McCabe was leading the investigation into Secretary of State Clinton’s Email Server, Clinton Bundler Terry McAuliffe was delivering over $750,000 to Andrew McCabe’s wife as reported by Free Beacon one day before the Presidential Election. The same Andrew McCabe refused to recuse himself from the Clinton Email investigation per the OIG’s report, and was integral into obtaining the Carter Page FISA, and supervising Peter Strzok as we learned from Strzok’s own text messages to FBI Assistant General Counsel Lisa Page.

It is clear there exists a network of Insider Threats, The Enemy Within, at the FBI, and the Justice Department who do not serve our interests, and who for a very long time have been working against the American people for their own interests: Power and Wealth.

This article is the first in a multi-part series where we will take an in-depth look at the extent of this insider threat, and the danger it poses to America.



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