Tuesday, January 12, 2021

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If you do nothing else today, you need to read the quoted commentary here and watch every last second of the embedded video.

The proposed rules are less of a surprise than a confirmation of what has been expected for the 117th Congress. Expect more wokeness, rejection of minority input, financial recklessness, and show trials to be the major themes for the next two years.

Down is up; up is down (or whatever the ChiComs say it is). To think there are people who actually believe this B.S.

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Trump Sneaks Back On Twitter By Disguising Self As PR Rep For Chinese Communist Party

New - Kevin Clinesmith files his sentencing memo.

Claim: "Kevin did not knowingly lie about the relationship between Individual #1 [Carter Page] and the other gov't agency [CIA]" 🤔

Seeks non-custodial sentence.

Full doc:

News: Here is a copy of the order from Barr appointing John Durham as special counsel of the investigation into the origins of the Russia probe


BREAKING: Republican Devin Nunes wins reelection to U.S. House in California's 22nd Congressional District. #APracecall at 12:46 p.m. PST. #Election2020 #CAelection https://apnews.com/Election2020

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@ThomasWic I think this is further proof he knows he will be President after 20 January. The
Statement from NSA Advisor Robert O’Brien includes this:
The world cannot continue to pay heavy prices for its naiveté and complicity in Beijing’s irresponsible and harmful practices –

U.S. Announces Designation of Cuba as a State Sponsor of Terrorism

McCaul, Risch Say Terrorism Designation in Yemen Must Include Mitigation of Humanitarian Impacts

Chairman Thompson Statement on Chad Wolf’s Resignation from DHS

It's been a long time since I said it, and who knows if there'll be a chance to do so in the future. So here goes:
I've learned more by being on Twitter than I could have imagined, and it was possible only because so many excellent people say so many amazing things. So thank you

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We’re back.

Shocked to have been suspended. Not sure the reason but happy to return.

Humbled by all the tweets in support, the emails and texts.

Thank you all. 🙏

Consider the SCOTUS long game.

Appointing Garland as AG opens his spot on the DC Circuit.

Biden picks replacement- likely Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Does SCOTUS Judge Breyer (age 82) resign so Judge Jackson is appointed?

Perhaps. After all, Jackson did clerk for Breyer...

Don Lemon assault lawsuit-

Lemon is accused of rubbing his own genitalia before shoving his hand in a guy's face and making crude sexual comments.

New letter to the Court:

@donlemon refuses to answer questions on where he was that night and on any interactions w/ the victim🤔


The prosecution of @ariteman put America's online businesses & contracts in jeopardy by criminalizing standard Internet practice. It is a travesty.

@realDonaldTrump: please pardon my friend Ari Teman.

Analysis: https://justiceforari.org/pardon.php

@jaredkushner @ivankatrump

Deeply grateful to President Trump, Attorney General Barr and my wonderful colleagues at the Department of Justice for the experience of a lifetime. It’s been a true gift to serve in this role. Merry Christmas and may God bless you all.

Signing off — follow me at: @Kerri_Kupec

The Stimulus Bill:

The gov't closes the economy. You lose your job. You face eviction.

$600 for all your troubles.

Meanwhile they send:

$135 million to Burma
$85.5 million to Cambodia
$1.4 billion for "Asia Reassurance Initiative Act"
$130 million to Nepal

They hate you.

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Uganda is shutting down Facebook and Twitter for censoring users during an election https://twitter.com/UgandaMediaCent/status/1348977213098622976

It’s not censorship, the regime is cutting off the communications of those on whom they’re making war. My latest in ⁦@EpochTimes⁩ https://www.theepochtimes.com/its-not-censorship-its-a-coordinated-effort_3651971.html

Epoch timesのJoshua Philippさんのインタビューを受けました。議事堂の中で撮影された動画を比較して何がわかるかをお話ししました。
Analysis of Ashli Babbit Video Suggests Coordinated Actions—Interview Wi... https://youtu.be/5nvqvvsqJ_s


The protest at #CapitolHill, among the 5 people killed was Air Force veteran #AshliBabbit. The violence, however, suggests that there was coordinated action among the agitators.

Independent Japanese journalist @ganaha_masako found out more details👉https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nvqvvsqJ_s&list=PLZYYXhZLCZ84qNvOjAMfSl4dZv9VdT2Zw

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This is rich considering the amount of airtime you gave convicted felon Michael Avenatti, who never told a single truth, and you asked him to run for president on your show.

@rising_serpent Epoch Times released analysis of video around shooting of Ashley Babbit. Clearly 3 instigators plus John Sullivan, there to whip up the crowd against the police & run to media to spread their version. Need to ID these other 3 men, one who change clothes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nvqvvsqJ_s&feature=emb_logo

How does taking away someone's ability to fly on a plane make them any less dangerous unless the danger that pose is to the plane itself?

You notice that Republicans become much more ambitious and determined in their agenda at precisely the moment when they no longer have the power to enact it

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