Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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'I've Been Shot!' Screams AOC As Ted Cruz Greets Her With Set Of Friendly Finger Guns https://babylonbee.com/news/ive-been-shot-screams-aoc-as-ted-cruz-greets-her-with-friendly-finger-gun-gesture

Thank you to President Trump for everything you and your adminstration achieved in four years. That’s it, that’s the tweet ✈️

Trump Sneaks Back On Twitter By Disguising Self As PR Rep For Chinese Communist Party

New - Kevin Clinesmith files his sentencing memo.

Claim: "Kevin did not knowingly lie about the relationship between Individual #1 [Carter Page] and the other gov't agency [CIA]" 🤔

Seeks non-custodial sentence.

Full doc:

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Current censorship situation: YouTube can remove a video for violating a rule without telling you what rule you violated.

I said some things about China in this video. Then it disappeared. That's all I know.

See any problem here?

Katko, Rogers: Administration Resorts to Desperate Measures as Biden Border Crisis Worsens https://www.justtherealnews.com/congress/katko-rogers-administration-resorts-to-desperate-measures-as-biden-border-crisis-worsens/ via @headsnipe011

Statement by Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas on DACA
https://www.justtherealnews.com/exec-depts/homeland-security/statement-by-homeland-security-secretary-mayorkas-on-daca/ via @headsnipe011

Dear @AOC. Do you feel the same now as you did when you dramatically knelt down crying by the fences for the camera?

Use these photos obtained by Project Veritas from an insider last week to work toward a solution rather than play the blame game.


Two Men Charged with Assaulting Federal Officers with Dangerous Weapon on January Sixth https://www.justtherealnews.com/exec-depts/justice-department/two-men-charged-with-assaulting-federal-officers-with-dangerous-weapon-on-january-sixth/

Raise your hand if you're surprised. Wasn't this the assumption? https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1371438487262617601

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NYT: Special Counsel Durham is focusing (in part) on Steele Dossier primary sub-source Igor Danchenko.

We suspect potential false statement charges against Danchenko for lying to the FBI about his contacts w/ Russian intel.

Good reporting by @charlie_savage and @adamgoldmanNYT


A leak is a cut; selective prosecutions are gangrene.

As we protest the Julian Assange prosecution we must acknowledge its truth: that Justice at the highest levels in the U.S. is self-interested, not blind.


This is properly seen in 2 ways:

1) A threat to Supreme Court conservatives (keep the status quo or else)

2) The first step in expanding the Supreme Court (by giving expansion a seal of approval)

Latest Govt filing in the Ghislaine Maxwell case makes the DOJ/FBI look really bad -

Ghislaine was hit with new charges of sex trafficking of a minor on 3/29/21.

The Govt had previously interviewed this victim back in 2007.

They knew this entire time.

Updates on the Ghislaine Maxwell case - fights over bail continue.

The prison is "permeated with mold and vermin. Cockroaches and rodents are plentiful."

Our latest:

I hope you find magic and beauty this summer.

Beyond the sterile there is treasure to be discovered.


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CNN director admits:

- CNN airs propaganda
- CNN tried to get Trump out of office
- Without CNN, Trump wouldn't have lost
- CNN pushed stories they knew nothing about
- Next up (after COVID), CNN will push climate fear
- All this comes from Zucker

If this is as it seems the @EpochTimes should frame this pic as a badge of honor. In a time when most papers only publish what the powrful want to be published, ET publishes in the model of WR Hearst:

"News is something somebody doesn't want printed; all else is advertising." https://twitter.com/IvanPentchoukov/status/1381607839605592070

COMMON GROUND? Okay, let’s raise the corporate tax rate exclusively on the Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Coke, Facebook, Amazon, Delta etc. the vast majority of them openly virtue signal and support it. Lower it for all mid-sized businesses or below. DNC, any takers?

Corporations Can't Take Freedom Just Because They're Not Government https://thefederalist.com/2021/04/12/its-not-okay-for-corporations-to-take-away-our-freedom-just-because-theyre-not-government/#.YHW648a-FAQ.twitter

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Why is no one talking about the fact that the Joe Biden administration created the border crisis by reversing existing border policy and will spend billions of taxpayer dollars trying to fix what they broke?

Anyone else notice that Democrats either completely make up or are responsible for all the crisis they spend money on and get voted into power to fix?

White cop who killed black Daunte Wright: Name released within 48 hours.

Black cop who killed white Ashli Babbitt: Name still not released after three months.

But equal justice or something

The Identify of Ashli Babbitt’s shooter is—

Lieutenant Michael Leroy Byrd.

Multiple Mainstream Media Outlets have known this, but they REFUSE to run the story.

Why is that?

I’m not anti-vax, never have been. When I covered scientific issues, I wrote about the dangers of anti-vax movement for children.

This is far different. These shots aren’t vaccines in traditional sense. They’ve bypassed extensive testing. They’ve been politicized and weaponized.

Implicit bias is a bullshit term which means that when looked for, no objective evidence of bias can be found, but they want you to take their word for it.

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