Saturday, April 4, 2020

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We’re arresting people for paddle boarding by themselves in the ocean, locking up pastors for having church, tracking cell phones across the country, and sending the cops to Hobby Lobby for being open.

If you’re ok with that, you’re not an American. You’re a servant.

My job is considered "essential" as we print bags and sandwich wraps for some of the biggest players in the fast food industry. That business is still strong. A lot of our business is wraps and basket liners for smaller mom and pop bars and restaurants. The orders have stopped.

-2.2 million could die in US because of coronavirus
(1 week later)
-100,000-200,000 could die

(1 week later)

Fauci: "I've looked at all the models, I've spent a lot of time on the models. They don't tell you anything. You can't really rely on models"

No governor has the power to order citizens to wear masks.  Period!

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My week on Twitter 🎉: 800 Mentions, 287K Mention Reach, 25.7K Likes, 35 Retweets, 137K Retweet Reach. See yours with

@LJT_is_me Hey Lori, the thread from @drawandstrike is ready and compiled. Be sure to mention us from the last tweet to compile older threads. You can read it here:

@GREENESJ333 Namaste, you can read it here: @drawandstrike: Just when I think Cernovich can't possibly prove to me that he's even dumber than I thought, he has to… Talk to you soon. 🤖

WHY wait 30 days???
Now is fine. @realDonaldTrump

So now, from @wsjopinion read 'The Federal Bureau of Inaccuracy; The Justice IG finds even more abuses of wiretap applications.' 3/3

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The guy who appointed Robert Mugabe Goodwill ambassador of the WHO, covered up three cholera epidemics in his home country and told us that travel bans were unnecessary, now wants to tell you that government run healthcare is your only salvation.

Jim Acosta is literally claiming Trump knew about the Wuhan virus epidemic because Alex Azar said in April of 2019 that pandemics can be really bad.
How many times has any CNN journalist asked any CCP official a single question about their culpability?

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Jim Acosta's interruption of Dr. Birx is an example of how CNN's echo-journalism model is destroying the media's credibility. Every question from Acosta is an effort to score points rather than elicit information. It is a press pandemic that continues to rage without relief.

Flashback to Jan 28th:
• @TuckerCarlson: “Why am I watching impeachment coverage all day?"
• @SenTomCotton: "I suspect that months from now or perhaps even years from now when people look back at this time, coronavirus will be considered the bigger story than impeachment.”

#FISA BREAKING: Fallout from IG Horowitz audit 3/31 as surveillance court orders FBI to provide “names” and “docket numbers” for 29 applications “for which the FBI could not locate a Woods File and the three for which it could not say whether a Woods File ever existed” @CBSNews


ICYMI—important @JerryDunleavy piece on @ChuckGrassley & @RonJohnsonWI letter to ODNI re declassifying footnotes in IG FISA report

Rather than hearing lectures from medical experts Fauci and Birx every single night for two hours, can we mix in a few economic experts and constitutional law experts? I'd like to hear what they have to say about all of this.

My piece @FDRLST isn't "exciting" but if you want to understand what really went down re "bans" on hydroxychloroquine, it's a must read. It's also must read to understand how incompetent Michigan's @GovWhitmer administration is!

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U.S. Dept Of Labor Announces Additional Guidance Following Paid Sick Leave & Expanded Family & Medical Leave Implementation

@drawandstrike @catesduane @rising_serpent @COsweda @almostjingo @tracybeanz @CarrollQuigley1 @dbongino

#JustTheRealNews #JTRN

Statement by U.S. Secretary of Labor Scalia on the March Jobs Report

@drawandstrike @catesduane @rising_serpent @COsweda @almostjingo @tracybeanz @CarrollQuigley1 @dbongino

#JustTheRealNews #JTRN

Letter from President Donald J. Trump to Senator Charles E. Schumer

@drawandstrike @catesduane @rising_serpent @COsweda @almostjingo @tracybeanz @CarrollQuigley1 @dbongino

#JustTheRealNews #JTRN

Memorandum from the President’s Physician

@drawandstrike @catesduane @rising_serpent @COsweda @almostjingo @tracybeanz @CarrollQuigley1 @dbongino

#JustTheRealNews #JTRN

U.S. Department of Energy to Make Strategic Petroleum Reserve Storage Capacity Available to Struggling U.S. Oil Producers

@drawandstrike @catesduane @rising_serpent @COsweda @almostjingo @tracybeanz @CarrollQuigley1 @dbongino

#JustTheRealNews #JTRN

United States prevails in lawsuit by State of New Mexico and City of Albuquerque challenging DHS’s policies for parole of asylum seekers

@drawandstrike @catesduane @rising_serpent @COsweda @almostjingo @tracybeanz @CarrollQuigley1 @dbongino


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FISA Court issues order on latest IG findings of serious abuse. This includes:

1) Govt must give court names of all targets in the 29 applications found deficient

2) Assess whether those issues render applications invalid

Full Order can be found here:


More on the woman who "gave" her husband poisonous fish cleaner

March 23: She blames Trump for making her think it was safe.

February 19: She calls Trump "psycho prez"

She's lying and played the press. This needs to be investigated @mesapd


The lady who "gave" her husband fish tank cleaner assaulted her husband 7 months into their marriage ('01)

Punching and swinging at him with a "decorative bird house on a wooden pole" during an argument about divorcing

A totally stable person here...


Inspector General Audit Finds Widespread Problems With FBI’s FISA Applications

IG interrupts ongoing audit to inform FBI it does “not have confidence” in the agency’s compliance with Woods Procedures

My latest @EpochTimes

Rank and Vile – DOJ Inspector General Identifies 93 Percent Non-Compliance Within FISA Review – Issues So Bad IG Presents Interim Report Before Reviewing Details…

The IG has completed an audit of the FISA Woods Files.

Files were missing.

Every application they reviewed (25) had errors and unsupported facts.

Read it here:

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Reporters love to say it’s the role of the press to hold the government accountable. The idea gives them power. But it’s the role of the voters and their elected representatives to hold government accountable. It’s the job of the press to provide the public information.

This has become such a rare and unusual sentiment in an era of activism masquerading as journalism that the current crop of journalists would consider it heretical for someone espouse it.

Good Q. Afraid I don't have much insight. DOJ energies re Trump Russia probe focused on investigation, maybe declass wd affect that or subsequent charges. Acting DNI mission is succinct & clear—clean up & fast. Thus Senators are taking best path now to get info to US public.

If Biden wasn't running for president, he'd definitely have had his driver's license taken by now

Very useful database for researchers/diggers.

@walkafyre showed this to a few folks previously, and I was impressed.

"This site was created to better organize and research the FBI files related to the investigation ...code-named "Midyear Exam."

Thanks @walkafyre for your work!

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"Our rating: True
We rate this claim TRUE because it is supported by our research. There is no indication that the Obama administration took significant steps to replenish the Strategic National Stockpile after it was depleted from repeated crises"

Atkinson will achieve the victimhood levels of a love child of Christine Blasey Ford and Alexander Vindman.
It's like Trump's shining a laser pointer to distract the Democrats while he takes care of the important stuff.

If you thought Alexander Vindman was the Democrat Messiah with the exalted piety of victimhood, watch this guy be instantly anointed high priest of the leftist church of victimology.

It literally says in the article you're quoting about the dangers of chloroquine: "Clinicians and public health officials should discourage the public from misusing non-pharmaceutical chloroquine phosphate (a chemical used in home aquariums)."
You can't be that.....Never mind.

Trump fires Michael Atkinson, intelligence IG who told Congress about Ukraine call.
At the time of the call, the ICIG’s policy required that, to be deemed credible, a complaint had to be based on first-hand knowledge. Atkinson retrospectively changed it.

Eyewitness showing no fondness for Trump Jr nonetheless affirms his account of the Trump Tower meeting, long cited as hard evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. FBI had this but it’s not included in the main body of the Mueller report.

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