Monday, July 4, 2022
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Dark To Light: A Monday Smorgasbord

Today, UncoverDC’s Tracy Beanz and Mike Opelka hit on a mix of topics including some details on a new study showing reverse transcription in...

Dark To Light: We Need To Keep Saying It

Today’s show is a bit sad because we are sans Frank, who isn’t feeling very well at all, but Beanz and Mike take on...

Dark To Light: They’ve Politicized Harm

Today’s show is very interesting. We talk about how the left has politicized pedophilia and QAnon makes it to our topic list. We dive...

Dark To Light: The Data Is Coming

More Pfizer documents are being released and Bruce Willis has retired with a diagnosis of Aphasia, Tracy Beanz and Mike Opelka get into some...

Dark To Light: Sussman – Running Out Of Time

It’s Frank and Beanz and Mike today on the Dark to Light Podcast and we discuss all the things. From Sussman to gas prices...

Dark To Light: Corporations Are Indoctrinating Your Kids

It’s a heck of a show today as Tracy Beanz and Mike Opelka bounce from the leaked insider plans from Disney to indoctrinate your...

Dark To Light: It’s West Philly!

The show today is quite the trip. We start off with the Will Smith Oscars snafu (please hang in there with us!) and then...

Dark To Light: It’s Frank & Beanz!!!

Frank and Beanz are together today and talk about a wide range of topics. From Fatima to COVID with some conspiracy theory to boot,...

Dark To Light: The Corruption Boggles the Mind

The show today is probably one of the most fascinating Mike and Beanz have done yet. We learn about the Parkinsons’ virus connection from...

Dark To Light: Moving to the Center

It’s a busy show today as we tackle a myriad of topics, from radical feminism and transgender swimmers to a bit on Ukraine, and...


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