Wednesday, November 25, 2020


Photo courtesy of Project Veritas

Why the Veritas Exposé on CNN Matters

By Daniel Bobinski Last year I shared a news story with a friend who considers himself an Independent voter. My news source was an independent...

The Sad Tragic Tale of George Papadopoulos

Brian Cates   I attended the recent American Priorities Conference, called “AMPFEST 2019” at the Trump Doral hotel in Miami, Florida where I met a person...

The Key Issues of Our Time

Opinion: StuCvrk This is one man’s summary of the most pressing issues facing the American Republic. ObamaGate (including Ukrainegate) This is the sum of the weaponization of...

Why We Need Reliable New Media Sources

Carol King, UK Correspondent UncoverDC’s own editor-in-chief made the case for new media last week citing the lack of push-back on previously reliable channels, such...


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