Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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The Care and Feeding of Your Pet Leftist Totalitarian

Leftists are a lot like toddlers. It’s game over on the very day that they learn that when they push the switch up, the lights turn on, and when they push the switch down, they turn off again.

Most Leftists will never grow out of the mentality of a two-year-old and will be forever addicted to the selfish joys of cause-and-effect. Most of their tantrums aren’t even about getting what they want. They don’t even know what they want. It’s all about what THEY can make YOU do. (Cause & Effect)

It’s what they live for.

For them, their actions are never about what is right or what is best for the community. It’s all about controlling YOU through threats, intimidation, and ultimately, violence.

When you boil it down to its irreducible minimum, there are only two categories of Leftists.

1) Those who espouse leftist beliefs because they think that that’s where all the “cool kids” hang out.

They know nothing and don’t really care that they know nothing.

They have no ability to express a legitimate opinion on any given topic because all they know is bogus information that they got from their idiot friends—who were intentionally misinformed by the likes of Rachel Maddow, Brian Stelter, Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, Mika, and Joe, and countless other manure spreaders. People like these are not always malicious by nature, but they are drawn towards opportunities to be a part of ‘something big,’ something historical, and experience some fulfilling purpose in their lives. They mostly follow folks from the second category—those who want to be known and notorious. The folks who take the path of least resistance, knowing that it’s much easier to kill somebody or destroy things to achieve their desired “celebrity status” rather than work hard to build something of value to others.

2) The second group is the most deceived and the most dangerous.

These are the “True Believers” who require a totalitarian government system where they can showcase their ‘obvious’ high intellect and intuitive knack for making up the set of rules that everybody ELSE must revere & abide by.

I regret to hafta say that I have a sibling who resides in the latter category.

My sibling is like a lot of other Leftists who were attracted to “the cause” early on and then went on to become college educated far beyond the natural limitations of their intelligence. They cannot understand and refuse to believe that they would never be promoted to the Reich’s highest ranks, but instead, they’d likely be deemed as a potential threat, then quickly lined up against a wall and shot to death.

For most, no amount of sound evidence or honest attempts to reason with them will ever penetrate their polemically petrified brains.

They are lost.

They’ll most likely continue refusing to join the steadily growing group of democrat defectors who have been slowly waking up to reality and coming to their senses. It’s important that whenever we do encounter a fence straddler, we must remain steadfast but gentle.

Truth is always the strongest weapon against deception, sunlight, the best disinfectant, and kindness, the best ice breaker.

The whole world is about to change for the better. America Will Surely Survive This Brief Period Of Crisis, & We’ll Live On To Enjoy Peace, Prosperity, And Greater Freedom.

This article is published with permission from Dale Hansen, and some editorial changes have been made. You can find the original published article here on Dale’s Substack.


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