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The ‘Apparent’ Stupidity of Joe Biden and the Left

Speaking for myself, it’s nearly impossible to imagine anyone other than Don Knotts playing the role of the cocky, Banty-Rooster-like Deputy Barney Fife on “The Andy Griffith Show.” He was perfect for that character. Likewise, in just a few months’ time, average Americans will understand why Joe Biden was perfectly cast and installed as the bumbling, inept, un-imposing ‘leader’ of the ‘Free World’. Biden lacks guile and creativity, so he largely depends on the direction of his handlers to prod him along through his daily assigned chores.

Biden IS undoubtedly a genuine moron, but it is NOT his own stupidity that is the bane of every American’s existence. Every bad, counter-intuitive policy decision is being made FOR him on purpose. (We’ll get into that later)

Joe Biden

Joe is just a ‘Patsy’; he’s a convenient distraction away from the true globalist power brokers who are behind the scenes systematically weakening and dismantling all that is good in America. Joe earns his keep and proves his value to his masters when he draws all the hostility and ridicule back onto himself.

Everybody loves to laugh at and poke fun at Joe—because he ‘appears’ to be trying so hard and failing miserably at pacifying this angry, divided nation. Let’s explore just one of ‘his’ most prominent failed policies. Before and after the ‘election’, Joe stated, on numerous occasions, that he wanted to kill off the petroleum industry and bankrupt all of the oil producers in America.

He didn’t waste any time. On his very first day, January 20th, 2021—he revoked hundreds of drilling permits, both onshore and offshore, and he placed high hurdles in front of every avenue of oil exploration & production, → AND, he ended the Keystone Pipeline to boot. (In reality, he had little to do with any of it.)

Recently, Joe said that high fuel prices were a good, necessary (painful) process that we’d all just have to endure as we begin to phase out “Fossil Fuels” and replace them with some mysterious, yet-to-be-discovered ‘alternative energy sources’.

Ok,…what alternative sources? We don’t have any in the back storeroom, and we don’t need to check with the manager.

Wind and Solar are both inefficient & cost-prohibitive, and the scant bit of energy that they provide is inconsistent and dependent on certain, favorable conditions.

The only practical alternative source, Nuclear energy, is off the bargaining table because…Jane Fonda, maybe (?) Even if the DS Democrats were to allow a handful of nuclear power plants to operate, they would only be supplemental replacements for our ‘fossil fuel’ (coal) produced electricity.

Let’s talk logistics.

How can we possibly build enough charging stations close enough together to keep the EV fleet going? What about the largely soft-spoken inconveniences of only being able to travel 200 miles per day because it takes the rest of the day to locate and wait for a charger—then wait another 4-6 hours for your battery to charge?

Let’s just pretend that we did manage to produce enough electricity and chargers for everybody to switch over to all-electric vehicles. Is there gonna be enough cobalt, lithium, and other limited resources to produce enough 1,200lb batteries for 400 million cars?

Let’s pretend there is. When those batteries die, do we replace them? or buy a brand new vehicle for about 20% above the cost of a replacement battery? How do we dispose of the spent batteries and worthless dud EVs? For that matter, if gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel is no longer available—how are we gonna dispose of the 500+ million cars, trucks, trains, and planes that are no longer useful? Those are all very real problems, but that ain’t even the half of it…

If we never used another drop of oil for fuel ever again, we would always still need copious amounts of oil to produce all of the petroleum-based products that we use and rely on every single day.

Not everything made from oil is necessarily essential, but they sure do make life much more tolerable, without a shred of doubt.

Look around you right now. Probably as much as 50-80% of the objects you see are made from petroleum products. Can you imagine if they all suddenly disappeared forever?

(This list☝🏼represents just a tiny fraction of not even .001% of the millions of products that are made from oil)

Even a single Tesla could not possibly exist without a few hundred pounds worth of petroleum products. (Tires, shielded wires, wire harnesses, fuses, fuse box, the entire vehicle interior—dash, instrument panel, formed fittings, exterior fittings—LUBRICANTS…)

Think about this—If gasoline-powered engines were invented today, the creators would be hailed as heroes. The professional’ smart people’ of the day would probably even label gasoline as a miracle ‘Green’ product, fully approved of by AOC, herself. Why?—out of a 42-gallon ‘barrel’ of oil, you’ll make about 19-20 gallons of gasoline.

At the turn of the 20th century, gasoline was a useless byproduct, waste liquid left over from the refining process. They used to just dump it into the rivers and streams to be rid of it. The stated public fears of ‘Gore’-bal warming are the driving force behind the efforts to eliminate ‘fossil fuels’ altogether. It’s really all about political power, control over the people, and most importantly, fattening the wallets of a few thousand ‘elites’ around the globe. Nothing will change for them. They’ll still have their gas-guzzling, air-conditioned limousines and their private jets, while the rest of us make our mandatory sacrifices to ‘Gaia’.

Newspaper clipping from the AP in 1989 predicting disaster if Global Warming is not checked

So, do you really think that Joe Biden has thought all of these things completely through and that he has created dozens of brilliant solutions to take us into the future and beyond?…

Nope?…Me neither.

Joe still doesn’t know where the milk for his Cap’n Crunch comes from—and the biggest decision Joe makes on any given day is what flavors of ice cream to put in his waffle cone.

You see, our problem is not with Joe Biden. Our true enemy is the Fallen Angel behind the scenes, who tempts his faithful human devotees with promises of world domination and the opportunity to be like ‘gods’ on this earth. The globalists are failing, and they will ultimately fail completely—and they WILL be held to account. (Read all of Psalm 37)

Also, Remember the often repeated words of President Trump:

“We Caught Them ALL!!” & “The Best Is Yet To Come!”

—Thanks again to my readers, and blessings to you, DH

This article is published with permission from Dale Hansen. You can find the original published article here on Dale’s Substack.


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